As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Does reading Reddit worth it?

Reddit is a vast online platform divided into many specialized communities, known as subreddits, that cater to various interests ranging from niche hobbies such...

How to get tips on Twitter: payment in cryptocurrency

In May 2021, Twitter initiated trials of a new feature allowing a select group of users worldwide to offer tips in fiat currency through...

How to draft an email to Gmail in Google Docs

Google Docs is highly regarded for its user-centricity and is invaluable in professional and academic environments. A notable feature is the ability to auto-save...

Samsung monitor models by year

If you want to sell your monitor or buy a used one, then of course, you need to know what year the monitor model...

Samsung Monitor Series and Models

Samsung divides its monitors into separate segments, each of which takes into account the specific needs of the user. There are actually a lot...

How to disable the default startup of Samsung TV Plus

You are used to watching your Samsung TV using HDMI and Fire Stick or Roku streaming devices as the signal source, and suddenly, the...

HP Laptop: product lines, series, who makes

HP offers a wide range of laptops that can be divided into product lines by purpose or by a powerful feature that sets them...

List of Amazon Fire TV remote control compatibility with devices.

In today's consumer electronics world, including televisions, streaming devices, and various appliances that require user interaction, remotes serve as essential tools to ensure ease...

Insignia TV remote control manual

Remote control has become an essential part of home technology. Insignia's Fire TV smart remote control allows you to control your TV and send...

Smart TV OS list by TV brand

When you bought your TV, did you ever wonder what operating system it has? After all, a modern TV is not a screen for...

Why LED TVs have a bad black color?

LED TVs often display imperfect black colors due to backlight limitations, unable to completely block light passing through the pixels.

Why you can trust us?

We always say that the best approach is “trust but verify.” That’s why we would be glad if you read articles in other media...

How We Review Products

Our team of experts always conducts offline product tests to give you a complete picture of what the product is all about. While these...

Editorial Guidelines

We are proud of our content and strive to ensure it benefits our readers. Therefore, we take key elements such as content quality, integrity,...

Universal customizable remotes for Samsung TVs, codes, and settings

Customizable TV remotes designed for different brands of TVs offer a single control solution for home and travel. These remotes simplify the user experience...

The Denon brand: owner, production, and products

Denon, a renowned audio and electronics manufacturer, is a prominent player in the consumer and professional audio equipment industry. Founded in 1910, the company...

Are all Blu-ray players the same?

Is it worth paying extra for an expensive Blu-ray player, or are they all essentially the same in performance and quality?

Is a 70-inch TV worth buying?

You asked about 70-inch TV, here's what I think.

How to change input on Samsung TV

You can watch videos from a variety of sources: HDMI ports: Your TV can have up to 4 of these ports. You can connect a...

How to turn off the demo mode or retail mode on your Samsung TV

All Samsung TVs are configured to Home mode by default when they exit the production line. This Home mode is the standard setting...

How to fix “Cannot take screenshot due to security policy” on an Android device

When you try to take a screenshot on your mobile device, you may get a message saying, "Security policy prevents taking a screenshot." Screenshots...

Samsung TV Q70C, Q72C, Q73C, Q74C, Q75C, Q77C differences

Q70C-Q77C are Samsung's mid-segment TV models. Here's what you should know about this TV model: the main technical specifications and features. The TV is...

Setting the HDMI ports on LG OLED and QNED TVs

Some LG TVs, such as OLED TVs, have an HDMI port setting, which works when you connect external devices to the TV. Here's what...

Samsung TV Q60C, Q61C, Q63C, Q64C, Q65C, Q67C, Q68C

The Q60C and its variants represent the sixth series of Samsung 2023 QLED TVs. If we talk about the TV itself, it is the...

Google TV what is it: versions, updates, features

Discover the allure of Google TV: dive into its versions, frequent updates, and rich features to see if it's the right tech marvel for you.

Android TV OS by year

Check the Android version to discern if it's a modern or an outdated TV being sold as new.

LG Corporation History from 1947 to now

Trace the evolution and development of LG Corporation from its inception in 1947 to the present day.

How to find out where LG TVs, monitors and home appliances are made?

You are curious to know where LG TVs, monitors and home appliances are manufactured? Let's figure it out together.

Who makes displays for Samsung, LG, Sony TVs?

Let's find out who makes displays for Samsung, LG, Sony TVs, will there be any surprises?

Can you charge iPhone iPad with other chargers?

You can charge your iPhone iPad with a different charger however there are some nuances to consider.

How to set up a Samsung TV for hearing impaired people

For the hearing impaired, Samsung TVs from 2021 have a setting that allows you to output sound to the TV speakers and Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

What is the best way to connect soundbar to TV: Optical, HDMI or Bluetooth.

The optimal way to connect your soundbar to the TV is through HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC.

Samsung TV QE1C (QN70QE1CAFXZA, QN85QE1CAFXZA) short overview

The Samsung TV QE1C is a rare and budget-friendly model, available only in large sizes. But is everything as smooth as it seems?

How to fix Audio delay in Samsung TV, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth

There can occasionally be an audio delay issue with Samsung TVs, but there are various ways to address it.

Samsung dishwasher error codes: with and without display

Discover the meaning of your error code for Samsung dishwashers, whether they have a display or not.