As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to unlock an LG phone

Sometimes locking your phone can be a very unpleasant obstacle in many life situations. Particularly if there are nuances to unlocking a model. 

There are a lot of situations that leave you with a locked phone. Sometimes we get stressed and can’t enter the password more than once, sometimes we try to enter the password while drunk, or we simply haven’t turned the phone on for so long that we’ve forgotten the password, and we need to sell it or give it to someone else. Or maybe you’re traveling and need to unlock the phone to set up a SIM card in another region so that you can use another service provider.

How to unlock LG phone without Google Account

Thу easiest way to unlock your phone is to reset it to factory settings.

Note: A factory reset will delete data stored in phone memory, however, your data in the cloud, in the SIM and SD card would be safe.

To do this, you must first switch your phone off. Press the lock button and wait for the screen to go out or for two buttons to appear: Reset and Power off. Obviously in this case you should select Power off.

Next, you will need to press the lock and sound buttons until you see the LG logo. When the logo appears release the buttons. Once you have done this press the lock button again and hold it down until the reset screen appears. Release the lock button and press it again to continue. The lock button will continue the factory reset process.

To cancel this process you can press the volume buttons. Be warned that if you have not backed up the date on the phone before, you will lose all data on the phone. This includes all photos, videos, music, social network passwords, and any downloaded software in general.

All contacts on your phone will also disappear. Once again, all information in the non-cloud will be lost. However, you wouldn’t It should be noted that on different phone models you may have to select the action by tapping specifically on the item or pressing the lock button again. The process can also be canceled using the sound control keys.

After you made a factory reset, your phone would be unlocked and you can start using it.

In case you saved your data to cloud, you can make a backup to restore all your data.



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