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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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LG dryer model number decoder

When selecting an LG dryer or searching for information about a specific device by model number, it is essential to understand the limitations inherent in the model identification system. Although the model number contains information about the dryer’s series and design features, it does not indicate the year of the first release. This is due to industry practice: the production of a dryer model occurs over several years. Successful models can be produced for seven years, typically remaining in production for approximately five years.

Dryer model number decoding for the USA and Canada

The dryer model number has 4 information blocks:

  1. Device type identification.
  2. Technical information block.
  3. Rating block, model series, modification.
  4. The block design usually matches the color of the device.

Let’s decipher the LG DLEX5500V dryer model number as an example, dryers with these model numbers are offered in North America.

  • D – dryer
  • L – type, laundry care appliances.
  • E – for heating, uses electricity, a possible option:
    • G – gas, gas is used for heating, the dryer must be connected to a gas line.
  • HC(C) – heat condenser (the dryer has a small compressor that cools a coil through which a pump blows air, moisture condenses and drains into the tank) for heating, gas or electricity is used. These dehumidifiers do not increase the humidity of the indoor air and are well suited for regions with high humidity. Here’s a quick way to navigate these symbolsDLE – electric dryer; during drying, moisture is removed by a fan into the room.
    • DLEX – electric dryer with steam function; after drying, the laundry is steamed to remove bacteria and also moisturizes the laundry, making ironing easier.
    • DLEC – electric dryer with condenser; moisture is collected in a container.
    • DLG – gas dehumidifier; moisture is vented into the room.
    • DLGX – gas dehumidifier with steam function.
    • DLGC – gas dehumidifier with condenser.
  • 5 – series, the higher the number, the more functions are available.
  • 5 – model
  • 00 – appliance specification.
    • 00 – electric drying
    • 01 – gas is used for drying
  • V – housing color (design)
    • W – white
    • B – black
    • C – graphite steel
    • M – medium black
    • K – black stainless steel
    • L – platinum black

Dryer model numbers for UK explanation

In the UK, the LG dryer model number is fairly minimal and can be deciphered as follows, for example, model number FDC309W.

  • F – front loading
  • D – dryer
  • C – modification, something has been changed in the dryer, but the same platform is used.
  • 3 – series, the higher the number, the greater the functionality.
  • 0 – model
  • 9 – maximum load of laundry
  • W – color
    • W – white
    • B – black
    • S – graphite

LG dryer model number in Germany: meaning of the symbols

There is a very confusing system of LG dryer model codes in Germany. There are two kinds of model codes. For example, RT80V9W / V3R08T /RT90V9W are the same dryer model with slight differences. It is almost impossible to get any information from the model number other than the maximum load, which is meaningless since no one weighs the laundry before drying. Nevertheless, you can see an example of deciphering the model number in the figure.

In the model number of a dryer for Germany you will find information about the maximum load, you will know the model and in both versions of the numbers there is information about the design, namely the color of the dryer.

The model number of the Dryer machine does not give much information, but it is indispensable for determining the date of manufacture; the date of manufacture can be found from the serial number, as the date in this number is cyclical (cycle of 10 years), the comparison of the date of manufacture and the model number allows you to determine the exact date of manufacture.



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