As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Magic Remote Control AN-MR24GN, AN-MR24GC, AN-MR24GA for TV LG

LG TVs come with Magic remotes, in 2024 TVs will come with MR24 remotes. This is the same remote control as in previous years, to be exact, starting from 2021. Externally, the remote has not undergone any changes, and in terms of functionality too. You should know that Magic remotes from 2021 are universal and interchangeable, as the coding of the buttons remains unchanged.

Differences between MR24GN, MR24GA remote controls

The AN-MR24GA and AN-MR24GN remote controls with built-in Bluetooth technology require regulatory approval due to the emission of electromagnetic radiation. In the US, this requirement is met by registration with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which means that these devices are safe and can be used in the US.

The main difference between the AN-MR24GA and AN-MR24GN is the inclusion of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the MR24GN variant. Other than this NFC feature, there are no noticeable differences between the two remotes. This statement is only true for the original remotes; there are interchangeable remotes on the market, and these remotes can have very significant deviations from the standard. For example, a replacement Magic Remote may not have a Bluetooth module, in which case it controls the TV using infrared signals; it has no pointer, and voice control with the remote does not work either.

Modifications of Magic remote AN-MR24

The Magic Remote AN-MR24 can have modifications that are oriented to specific regional markets. These modifications primarily concern the inclusion of special buttons for quick access to streaming services. This customization allows you to maintain the functionality and usability of the remote control in different geographic regions without affecting its basic operating capabilities.

In addition, options such as the AN-MR24GC remote control are on sale. These models are typically replacement remotes manufactured by third-party companies for LG TVs. Consumers should be cautious about choosing such alternatives, as they can have significant differences in functionality compared to the original devices. In particular, a common difference is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, and these devices use only infrared signals to control the TV.

Compatibility of AN-MR24GN, and AN-MR24GA remote controls with LG TVs

As I mentioned earlier, the coding of Magic remotes has stayed the same since 2021. Therefore, the AN-MR24 remote control is compatible with TVs of previous generations up to TVs released in 2021; you can find out more about the compatibility of Magic Remotes in our article “LG Magic Remote Compatibility List.” The remote control is fully compatible with LG 2021-2023 TVs; when connected, the TV will detect the remote control and establish a Bluetooth connection, and you will have access to the pointer and voice control via the remote control.



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