As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Samsung TV DU8000 vs DU7200 differences explained

DU7200 and DU8000 are the 2024 TV models that replace the CU series. These are the TVs in the Crystal UHD series.
The general characteristics of the TVs are as follows: this is the cheapest line of Samsung TVs, equipped with screens made in factories using outdated Edge-Light technology; the backlight is located at the bottom of the display; it is two lines with LEDs for backlighting the left and right halves of the screen, so, although, for example, in the DU8000 model, Micro Dimming technology is claimed. In fact, there is no dimming adjustment, because the screen design does not allow you to customize and adjust the backlighting of the screen zones.

Technical differences between DU8000 and DU7200

Now about the technical features of these TVs:
Screens: The DU8000 model has a better screen, but it is thinner, which ultimately affects the thickness of the TV itself. The DU8000 TV is twice as thin as the DU7200, which means that the screen was manufactured in new-generation factories.
Remote Controls: Although both TV models are equipped with Smart remote controls, only the DU8000 model has a remote control with batteries and solar panels to charge the remote control; the DU7200 model has a remote control with replaceable batteries.
Connectors and Ports: The DU8000 has two USB ports and the DU7200 has one USB port. Both TV models have three HDMI ports, and all ports support 4K resolution with a maximum frequency of 60 Hz.

Crystal UHD TVs 2024, device class

Samsung divides its TVs into classes, so the DU7200 model belongs to the Basic class, and the DU8000 model belongs to the Standard class model. This means that the DU8000 model has better equipment, and as we know, in modern TVs, image quality mainly depends on the display, and the DU8000 has a better display. Thus, the DU7000 model has eight screen sizes, and the DU8000 model has only six sizes. This is explained very simply: the displays installed in the 8000 series are not produced in some sizes; here is a comparative table of the available TV models.

model/screen size4350556065707585

The 8000 series TVs are not offered in 60-inch or 70-inch screen sizes because displays in that size are not manufactured.

Cost of TVs DU8000 and DU7200

TV prices range from $330 for a 43-inch model to $1,700 for an 85-inch model, here is a comparison table of TV prices. Prices are from Samsung’s official website, and you can also check the price on Amazon.

DU7200$329,99$379,99$429,99$479,99$529,99$629,99$749,99$1 199,99
DU8000$399,99$449,99$529,99$649,99$999,99$1 699,99
Amazon priceAmazon priceAmazon priceAmazon priceAmazon priceAmazon priceAmazon priceAmazon price

As you can see, the DU8000 model is a little more expensive, this price is due to the newer displays installed in TVs in this series.

Which TV model is best to buy?

I think the DU 8000 model is preferable because of the screen. The 8 Series also adds a few software improvements such as multi-screen (dual screen) support and a slightly better remote control, and perhaps the 8 Series TV has more memory to run routines like dual screen creation and improved image processing. But in general these are budget TVs, with large screens, but screens with 8-bit color depth and dithering technology (fast flashing of the backlight) to create more shades. For example, in the DU7200 model Samsung does not claim a billion shades, but in the DU8000 it is stipulated that this model supports a billion shades. However, it is doubtful that in reality both TV models are unlikely to be able to show such a number of shades.



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