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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Philips TV models list by year

Since its founding in 1950, Philips has produced hundreds of TV models. However, this article will focus on TVs released after 2012. If you are thinking of buying a Philips TV, 2012 is the last year to consider when buying a TV. Older models are outdated and not worth considering.

First of all, it’s important to understand why I’m separating TVs into two categories. As of 2012, Philips stopped manufacturing TVs themselves. Philips TVs are now manufactured under license agreements with two different companies: Funai Electric Co., Ltd. which handles the North American market, and TP Vision, which is responsible for Philips TVs in other parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, and Australia. This arrangement means that different models of Philips TVs are produced simultaneously for different regions.
Therefore, if you know where your TV was manufactured and produced, you can go straight to the relevant table. The easiest way to find a specific model is to use the table search or the Ctrl+F key combination on the page.

Philips TV models 2012-2024 list by year for North America

The following table shows all Philips TV models that have been introduced in North America, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, since 2012. Since 2012, the production of new models for this region has been controlled by the Japanese company Funai. It is worth noting that the full serial number may look like “58PUS7805/12”, but for the purposes of this table, only the initial part, “58PUS7805”, is presented. This is because the digits following the slash refer to the region of sale, and this information is not relevant to our discussion.

YearPhilips TV models released in this year
202432PFL4674, 42PFL6574
202343PUL6643, 43PFL6643, 75PUL6643, 50PUL6533, 40PFL6543, 85PUL6673, 40PFL6533, 55PUL6643, 50PUL6643, 85PUL6673, 55PUL6573, 50PUL6573, 32PFL4756, 43PFL5756, 75PUL7973, 65PUL7973, 55PUL7973, 50PUL7973, 65PUL6573, 65PUL6553, 50PUL6553, 75PUL6673, 65PUL6673, 55PUL6673, 50PUL6673, 43PUL6673, 32PFL6573
202265PUL7672, 55PUL7672, 50PUL7672, 43PUL7672, 32PFL6472, 65PUL7652, 55PUL7652, 50PUL7652, 65PUL7472, 55PUL7472, 75PUL7552, 65PUL7552, 55PUL7552, 50PUL7552, 43PUL7652, 32PFL6452
202150PFL5806, 75PFL4756, 65PFL4756, 55PFL4756, 50PFL4756, 65PFL5766, 55PFL5766, 50PFL5766, 43PFL5766, 70PFL5656, 55PFL5756
202032PFL5505, 32PFL5405, 43PFL4775, 40PFL4775
201965PFL5704, 55PFL5704, 50PFL5704, 43PFL5704, 65PFL5504, 75PFL4864, 55PFL4864, 50PFL4864, 65PFL4864, 24PFL6704, 40PFL4764, 75PFL5704, 65PFL5604, 55PFL5604, 50PFL5604, 43PFL5604, 32PFL4764, 32PFL4664, 24PFL4664, 75PFL5604, 24PFL4764
201850PFL5603, 75PFL5603, 65PFL5703, 65PFL5603, 55PFL5703, 55PFL5603, 50PFL5703, 43PFL5703, 43PFL5603, 65PFL5903, 55PFL5903, 50PFL5903, 24PFL3603
201755PFL5602, 50PFL5602, 32PFL4902, 65PFL5602, 65PFL5922, 55PFL5922, 50PFL5922, 43PFL5922, 43PFL5602, 43PFL4902, 65PFL6902, 55PFL6902, 50PFL6902, 40PFL4662, 50PFL6602, 55PFL5402, 50PFL4662, 43PFL4962, 43PFL4662
201655PFL5901, 32PFL4901, 40PFL4901, 65PFL6601, 24PHT4101, 50PFL4901, 49PFL6921, 55PFL4901, 43PFL4901, 43PFL6621, 65PFL6621, 55PFL6921, 55PFL5601, 50PFL5901, 50PFL5601,
201555PFL6900, 49PFL7900, 65PFL8900, 65PFL7900, 55PFL7900
201465PFL4909, 55PFL4609, 23PFL4509, 32PFL4609, 50PFL4909, 28PFL4909, 49PFL4909, 58PFL4909, 58PFL4609, 40PFL4709, 55PFL4909, 32PFL3509, 49PFL4609, 40PFL4909, 40PFL4609, 32PFL4909, 43PFL4609, 43PFL4909
201329PFL4508, 47PFL5708, 40PFL5708, 32PFL4508, 24PFL4508, 29PFL4908, 32PFL4908, 39PFL2708, 39PFL2608, 50PFL3708, 40PFL4708, 50PFL3908, 39PFL2908, 32PFL3508, 40PFL4908, 32PFL5708, 46PFL3908, 46PFL3708, 46PFL3608, 39PFL5708
201250PFL5907, 55PFL5907, 32PFL4507, 32PFL4907, 22PFL4507, 26PFL4507, 40PFL4707, 50PFL3807, 22PFL4907, 55PFL3907, 50PFL3707, 26PFL4907, 46PFL5907, 42PFL5907, 40PFL4907, 50PFL5907, 55PFL5907

Philips TV models 2012-2024 list by year for other regions

The table shows models released in Europe, Asia and Australia since 2012. It is important to remember that there may be models specifically designed for certain countries that may not be on this list.

YearPhilips TV models released in this year
202443PUS8309, 55PUS8309, 50PUS8309, 50PUS8349, 65PUS8309, 43PUS8319, 55PUS8319, 43PUS8389, 43PUS8359, 55PUS8389, 55PUS8359, 55PUS8349, 50PUS8389, 50PUS8359, 50PUS8319, 65PUS8359, 65PUS8349, 65PUS8319, 65PUS8319, 43PUS7609, 65PUS8389, 43PUS8949, 43PUS8919, 43PUS8909, 55PUS8919, 55PUS8909, 55PUS7609
202375PUS7948, 65PUS7948, 24PHS6808, 32PFS6908, 43PFS6808, 32PHS6808, 50PUS8808, 55PUS8808, 48OLED818, 65PUS8008, 65PUS8808, 50PUS8888, 55OLED708, 48OLED718, 43PUS8558, 75PUS8808, 75PUS8008, 42OLED808, 75PUS8848, 65OLED848, 50PUS8548, 65OLED888, 55PUS8508, 55PUS7657, 55PUS7008, 65PUS7608, 65PUS7008, 55PUS8518, 75PML9008, 55OLED908, 77OLED937, 75PUS7948, 65PUS7948, 65PML9308
202239PHS6707, 55PML9507, 43PFS5507, 24PHS5537, 75PUS8807, 50PUS8517, 55PUS8897, 65PUS7607, 55PUS8887, 32PHS5527, 55PUS8837, 55PUS8817, 65OLED707, 55PUS8057, 65PUS8817, 65PUS8857, 77OLED807, 65OLED937, 43PUS8507, 55OLED817, 43PUS7657, 75PUS8007, 55OLED857, 48OLED837, 55OLED907, 65PUS7657, 55PUS8107, 55OLED887, 50PUS8007, 75PUS8118, 75PUS8108, 75PUS7608,
202165OLED986, 65PUS7906, 65PML9636, 55OLED706, 43PUS8506, 55PUS7506, 55PUS8106, 50PUS7406, 58PUS8556, 70PUS7956, 65PUS9206, 70PUS9006, 65PML9506, 55OLED806, 65PUS7556, 75PUS8546, 75PUS8536, 65OLED876, 55OLED936, 65OLED856, 65OLED986, 32PFS6906, 32PFS6906
202065PUS9435, 50PUS8505, 43PUS9235, 32PHT5525, 32PHT5505, 32PHS5525, 50PUS8545, 43PUS7505, 43PFS5525, 24PFT5505, 24PFS5535, 32PHS6605, 24PFS6805, 58PUS7805, 24PFT5525, 58PUS7555, 65PUS8555, 65PUS8535, 65OLED855, 43PFS6855, 65PUS7855, 65OLED865, 70PUS8105, 65OLED805, 32PFS6905, 48OLED935, 58PUS9005, 65OLED705
201924PHS4304, 24PHT4304, 24PHS4354, 55PUS9104, 32PHT4504, 43PUS6554, 43PUS6504, 43PUS7334, 65PUS6704, 43PUS6754, 55PUS8804, 55PUS7504, 65PUS6804, 50PUS6814, 50PUS7354, 55PUS7394, 55OLED934, 65OLED804, 70PUS7304, 55OLED754, 55OLED754, 65OLED854, 70PUS6724, 50PUS8204, 32PHS4504
201824PFT5603, 43PUS7373, 43PUS7303, 32PFT5603, 50PUS7303, 43PUS6503, 55PUS7303, 43PUS6703, 24PFT5303, 22PFT5303, 50PUS6703, 50PUS6503, 49PUS7503, 55PUS7503, 55PUS6703, 55PUS6503, 65PUS7303, 65PUS6703, 65PUS6503, 43PUS7383, 32PHT4503, 32PFS5803, 43PUS6523, 55PUS8503, 55PUS8303, 55PUS6523, 49PUS8503, 49PUS8303, 43PFS5803, 75PUS7803, 55PUS7803, 50PUS6523, 49PUS7803, 43PFT5503, 65PUS6523, 50PFT5503, 50PFS5803, 65PUS8303, 65PUS7803, 75PUS8303, 49PUS6803, 55PUS6753, 65PUS8503, 65OLED803, 55OLED803, 65OLED873, 58PUS6203, 65OLED903, 50PUS6203
201749PUS6162, 24PHT4032, 24PHT4022, 55PUS6162, 49PUS6262, 32PFT4132, 22PFT4022, 32PHT4112, 65PUS6162, 43PUS6162, 55PUS6162, 50PUS6162, 32PHT4132, 43PFT4132, 50PUS6262, 43PUS6262, 43PFT4112, 39PHT4112, 65PUS6262, 55PUS6262, 43PFT4002, 50PUS6272, 32PHT4012, 55POS9002, 49PUS7502, 55PUS6272, 55PUS8602, 65PUS7502, 55PUS7502
201655PUS8601, 65PUS6521, 32PFS5501, 32PFS6401, 43PUS6401, 49PUS6551, 49PUS6401, 43PUS6501, 49PUS7181, 49PUS7101, 49PUS6561, 55PUS6561, 55PUS6551, 55PUS6401, 32PHT4001, 55PUS7181, 55PUS7101, 40PFS5501, 49PFT4001, 43PFT4001, 65PUS7601, 43PUF6201, 32PHH4101, 32PHT4131, 24PHT4031, 22PFT4031, 24PFT5231, 49PFT4131, 43PFT4131, 55POS901
201524PHH4000, 22PFH4000, 48PFH4100, 24PHH5210, 40PUT6400, 40PFH4100, 32PHH4100, 50PFT6550, 50PFT6510, 40PFT6510, 32PFT5500, 55PUT6400, 50PUT6400, 32PFT6500, 48PFT5500, 55PUT4900, 49PUT4900, 43PUT4900,
201440PFS6609, 20PHH4109, 22PFH4109, 49PUS7809, 32PHT4509, 32PHH4109, 50PFH4109, 48PFS6609, 55PUS7809, 40PFH4109, 55PFH5209, 55PFS6609, 50PFT4509, 48PFS5709, 40PFS5709, 65PFS6659, 55PFT6309, 55PFS5709, 47PFT6309, 47PFH5209, 42PFT6309, 50PUS6809, 48PFT5509, 42PUS7809, 40PFH4319, 50PFH4319, 32PHH4319
201347PFL6008, 42PFL6008, 55PFL6188, 42PFL7008, 42PFL4208, 55PFL6008, 47PFL7108, 47PFL7008, 46PFL8008, 55PFL8008, 55PFL7108, 55PFL7008, 47PFL6188, 42PFL6188, 39PFL4208, 42PFL5008, 46PFL4208, 32PFL4258, 47PFL5008, 32PFL5008, 60PFL6008, 32PFL3208, 50PFL4208, 50PFL5008, 55PDL8908, 46PFL3208, 32PFL3258, 22PFL4208, 42PFL3208, 39PFL3208, 32PFL4208, 24PFL4228, 24PFL4208, 65PFL9708, 40PFL3208,
201240PFL3107, 32PFL5507, 40PFL5007, 46PFL5507, 46PFL5007, 40PFL5507, 42PFL3507, 32PFL4037, 47PFL4007, 42PFL4037, 42PFL4007, 37PFL4007, 32PFL4007, 32PFL3007, 19PFL3507, 32PFL3517, 40PFL5537, 47PFL4307, 42PFL4307, 55PFL5507, 42PFL3007, 47PFL4047, 47PFL6097, 24PFL3507, 47PFL3007, 22PFL3517, 22PFL3507, 37PFL6007, 47PFL6007, 42PFL6007, 32PFL6007, 22PFL3207, 22PFL3557, 55PFL6007, 46PFL7007, 40PFL7007, 55PFL6097, 40PFL8007,

Old Philips TVs

If you are interested in models of old Philips TVs, you will not find an exhaustive list. The fact is that such TVs are obsolete and there are few of them left in working condition. Yes, and they were released before the era of the Internet, then some manufacturers issued advertising magazines, TV catalogs, which told about these or those models of televisions. Therefore, on the Internet you can find TVs from 2000, and if earlier, then only individual model numbers. If we talk about Philips, TVs have never been the main product of the company, so there are very few TV catalogs.



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