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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How much is a Lion gift on TikTok

The Lion is one of the most expensive TikTok gifts, by the way, but that’s one of the most expensive gifts on TikTok. And if you want to know how much it costs and what this gift does, this short article will explain.

The Lion gift costs 29,999 coins. That’s exactly $500 if you will buy 29,999 coins with one transaction.

But it’s difficult to calculate the average coin price, as TikTok doesn’t offer you to buy a custom amount of coins. Instead, there are different packs of coins offered. As of now, the smallest package offers you 20 coins for $0.39, and the largest one contains 39,645 coins for $700.

And here’s one trick about TikTok: more coins doesn’t mean each coin will cost less. For example, if I buy the biggest package of coins (39,645 coins) for $700 and spend 29,999 coins on a Lion gift, the US dollar price for that gift would be $530, which means I will overpay $30 compared to the 29,999 coins bundle. Unexpected, huh? If I buy more coins, I will pay more than if I buy less.

What does gifting a Lion on TikTok do?

Each gift on TikTok has a unique animation and effects; the more expensive the gift, the cooler the effects and their intro.

When you gift a Lion on TikTok, the virtual photorealistic lion will appear on the screen. It will run for a little and then stand and roar at the viewers, shaking the TikTok Live screen. And there are different Lion animations, so animation isn’t always the same.

Here’s what it looks like:

@mirza_speaks First person to get ‘Lion’ gift in UAE 😍 I was the first one who got Golden Car in October last year 😍 thank u @e.man_car_rental ♥️ #mirzaspeaks #tiktoklive #liveking #lion #fyp ♬ original sound – Mirza Speaks RJ

Leon and Lion TikTok gift

Leon and Lion cost 35,000 coins. That’s $620 calculated to be real money.

Despite being a more expensive gift than the Lion, I love the Lion more, as it’s photorealistic, while Leon and Lion are simple animations. And Leon and the Lion have no running animation and shaking effect when the lion roars.

Here’s what it looks like (the first gift is the Lion, one of the variations of its intro, the second one is the Leon and Lion gift):

@stu.252 @austintarmstrong was waiting to see the new lion & Leon the lion gift! Thanks @sly_155! #🅰️team #strongertogether #family #newgift #lions #austinarmstrong ♬ original sound – Stu.252

What is the most expensive gift on TikTok?

The most expensive gift on TikTok is TikTok Universe; it costs 44,999 or $794 if buying the biggest bundle of TikTok coins.

When you send it, the celebration message will appear in all TikTok Live streams, saying that you have gifted the TikTok Universe to the creator.

The animation is quite simple; the band will appear with the TikTok Live badge.

Here’s what it looks like:

@tiktoklive Do you know what is TikTok Universe? Have you ever seen one in LIVE? #tiktokuniverse #giftuniverse #livegifts ♬ original sound – TikTok LIVE

How much is 29,999 coins on TikTok?

If you buy a 29,999 coins bundle, that will cost you $499.99. But the price will vary if you buy 29,999 coins in other bundles. For example, if you buy the biggest bundle of coins (39,645 coins), the 29,999 coins will cost you $530.

You can calculate the price of 29,999 coins in different coin bundles by dividing the cost of bundle by the number of coins you get and then multiplying the number by 29,999.



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