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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to get ESPN+ on LG Smart TV

On November 16, 2023, LG announced that the ESPN app is now available on LG TV models starting in 2020, with support for 2018-2019 TVs to be added in late 2023. You can now download the app from the app store and watch ESPN without using third-party devices or other apps such as Hulu and Disney Plus trio.

List of WebOS OS versions and TV models that support the ESPN app

LG TVs from 2018 onwards support ESPN, when it comes to OS versions, they are TVs with WebOS 4. 0 or later. Here’s a table of the WebOS versions that support ESPN:

Release yearPlatform versionversionESPN app support
2025webOS TV 25Yes, November 2023
2024webOS TV 249.x.xYes, November 2023
2023webOS TV 238.x.xYes, November 2023
2022webOS TV 227.x.xYes, November 2023
2021webOS TV 6.06.x.xYes, November 2023
2020webOS TV 5.05.x.xYes, November 2023
2018-2019webOS TV 4.x4.x.xYes, December 2023

You can also refer to your TV model to find out if your TV supports the ESPN app or not. Below you can see a list of LG TV models that support ESPN. If you need to know what year your TV is from, you can use the information from the article “LG TV model number decoding”.

year Operating system versionLG TV models
2025WebOS 25
2024WebOS 24OLED A4, B4, C4, G4, Z4, R4, Z4: QNED (QNED***T*) 8*, 9*; UT9***, UT8***, UT7***
2023WebOS 23OLED A3, B3, C3, G3, Z3, R3, M3: QNED (QNED***R*) 8*, 9*; UR9***, UR8***, UR7***
2022WebOS 22OLED A2, B2, G2, C2, Z2, R2; QNED (QNED***Q*)80, 85,90, 91, 95, 97, 99; Series Nano (Nano***Q*) 75, 80, 81, 85, 86, 88, 90, 91, 96, 99; UQ70**, UQ71** (only in some countries) UQ75**, UQ8***, UQ9***
2021WebOS 6.0OLED A1, B1, G1, C1, Z1, R1; QNED 90, 91,95, 97, 99; Series Nano (Nano***P*) 75, 80, 81, 85, 86, 88, 90, 91, 96, 99; UP70**, UP71** (only in some countries) UP75**, UP76**, UP8***, UP9***
2020WebOS 5.0CX, BX, GX, WX, ZX, Series Nano all models Nano 80, 81, 86, 90, 91, 95, 99, UN70**, UN71** (only in some countries), UN8***, UN9***
2019WebOS 4.5OLED W9, E9, C9, B9
NanoCell Models: SM99, SM95, SM90, SM86, SM81
4K UHD Models : UM80, UM75, UM74, UM73, UM71, UM6970
2018WebOS 4.0OLED: W8, E8, C8, B8, SK9500 NanoCell Models: SK9000, SK8070, SK8000 4K UHD Models: UK7700, UK6570, UK6500, UK6300

Why you can’t find the ESPN app on LG Smart TV?

Sometimes you can’t find the ESPN app in the LG app store. In this case, there are two options.
The first option – your LG TV is a pre-2018 model and does not support this app.
The second option is that your TV is not updated to the latest OS version. Although the app store is updated every time you start your TV, the OS requires certain libraries for the app to work properly, which can be downloaded with OS updates.
So check if an update is available for your TV.

Older LG TV up to 2018 how to watch ESPN

If you’re wondering if the app will be developed for TVs older than 2018, here’s the answer: no, the app will not be developed for such TVs, a TV older than 7 years is considered outdated and stops receiving operating system updates. But you can watch ESPN using a third-party device connected to your TV via HDMI, such as a Fire Stick, Roku, or laptop. Essentially, you can connect any device that has ESPN on it to your TV to display the video. Even with a smartphone, you can mirror the image on a larger TV screen. But there can be nuances here too, for example, AirPlay is supported by LG TVs starting in 2019.

ESPN is also offered in Hulu or Disney trio packages, consider that option as well.


  1. iphone and Ipad do not stream to it either — I have to plug in my computer to get it. OR add an apple tv box or Roku etc.
    Very frustrating. LG needs to get with the times…. I will not buy another one for sure!

    • I used to love LG tvs but this is the reason I hate my new LG tv and will never buy another one until I am able to download any app I want. It should at least be available to download.


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