As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

Samsung TV

How to connect Samsung Soundbar to Samsung TV

If you need to connect a Samsung soundbar to a Samsung TV, you can do it in 4 ways: using an HDMI cable, using an optical cable, using Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth.

QD-OLED vs. WOLED for TVs main differences

Since only LG and Samsung make large OLED displays, comparing panels from LG and Samsung makes sense. Especially in 2024 when Samsung announced that...

Samsung 2024 OLED TVs, display manufacturers

To boost OLED TV shipments this year, Samsung Electronics has expanded the range of white (W)-OLED panels supplied by LG Display. These panels now...

Samsung S90DA vs S90DD OLED TV, differences explained

Samsung's 2024 OLED TV lineup includes the S90, S90D and S90DD variants, each targeting a different market segment in the US. Model differentiation The S90D model...

How to reinstall software of Samsung TV?

If you can reinstall the software on your Samsung TV, you should know the following.  You cannot reinstall the software on your TV. You won't...

Resetting Samsung TVs to factory settings via the service menu

Samsung TVs have a service menu, it has a factory reset option, this is the most complicated option to reset the operating system to...

List of Samsung ad servers

To broadcast ads to its devices, especially TVs using the Tizen OS, Samsung uses ad servers where the ads are processed and then sent...

How to turn off ads on Samsung TV

To stop pop-up and personalized ads on your Samsung TV, you have two options: TV settings or router settings.

Samsung TV DU7200D vs DU7200

The Samsung DU7200D TV model (2024) is specifically designed for sale in Costco stores, reflecting the long-standing partnership between Samsung and Costco. While technically...

How to get Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

Want to watch Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV? Here's how.

Countries where TimeShift and PVR works on Samsung TVs

Since modern TVs are equipped with operating systems, they have the capabilities of computers. They can also record TV programs, which is handy if...

Samsung TV DU8000 vs CU8000 Differences, explained

The Samsung DU8000 series TV is a 2024 model that replaces the CU8000 2023 model. These TVs are part of the budget-friendly Crystal UHD...

Samsung TV DU8000 vs DU7200 differences explained

DU7200 and DU8000 are the 2024 TV models that replace the CU series. These are the TVs in the Crystal UHD series.The general characteristics...

How to set your Samsung TV to automatically switch to the HDMI port

If you have a Samsung TV and use external devices such as Fire Stick or Roku streaming devices, game consoles, and so on, turning...

How to disable the default startup of Samsung TV Plus

You are used to watching your Samsung TV using HDMI and Fire Stick or Roku streaming devices as the signal source, and suddenly, the...

Gamepad compatibility list for Samsung TVs

You can connect gamepads from different manufacturers to Samsung TV. Gamepads from Sony, Microsoft, Amazon and others are supported.

Smart TV OS list by TV brand

When you bought your TV, did you ever wonder what operating system it has? After all, a modern TV is not a screen for...

Samsung Q60C review

Samsung Q60C has affordable QLED, vibrant display, solid sound, extensive smart capabilities, and good connectivity, with some brightness and refresh rate limitations.

How to delete apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Comprehensive tutorial for uninstalling user-downloaded apps on Samsung Smart TVs, spanning 2014-2023 models.

How to charge Samsung SolarCell Remote

The Samsung SolarCell Remote charges via its back panel from light or directly using its Type-C port for quick power-ups.

How to connect and pair two Bluetooth headphones to Samsung TV

You can connect two Bluetooth headphones to the new Samsung TVs using Dual Audio, and to older models using a Bluetooth adapter.

How to use Q Symphony on Samsung TV

Q-Symphony synchronises Samsung TVs and soundbars for enhanced sound. Connect this feature through your TV's sound settings.

How to connect an external microphone to a Samsung TV

You can connect an external microphone to Samsung TV via USB or Bluetooth.

Samsung TV voice search not working – how to fix?

Voice search in Samsung TV may not work due to a glitch, a remote control error or a damaged remote control. Also voice search in apps may not work cause of Bixby.

Universal customizable remotes for Samsung TVs, codes, and settings

Customizable TV remotes designed for different brands of TVs offer a single control solution for home and travel. These remotes simplify the user experience...

How to fix Samsung TV isn’t turning on

Can't turn on your Samsung TV? Here's what might help fix it.

How to change input on Samsung TV

You can watch videos from a variety of sources: HDMI ports: Your TV can have up to 4 of these ports. You can connect a...

Samsung TV Q70C, Q72C, Q73C, Q74C, Q75C, Q77C differences

Q70C-Q77C are Samsung's mid-segment TV models. Here's what you should know about this TV model: the main technical specifications and features. The TV is...

Samsung TV Q60C, Q61C, Q63C, Q64C, Q65C, Q67C, Q68C

The Q60C and its variants represent the sixth series of Samsung 2023 QLED TVs. If we talk about the TV itself, it is the...

Who makes displays for Samsung, LG, Sony TVs?

Let's find out who makes displays for Samsung, LG, Sony TVs, will there be any surprises?

How to set up a Samsung TV for hearing impaired people

For the hearing impaired, Samsung TVs from 2021 have a setting that allows you to output sound to the TV speakers and Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

Samsung TV QE1C (QN70QE1CAFXZA, QN85QE1CAFXZA) short overview

The Samsung TV QE1C is a rare and budget-friendly model, available only in large sizes. But is everything as smooth as it seems?

How to fix Audio delay in Samsung TV, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth

There can occasionally be an audio delay issue with Samsung TVs, but there are various ways to address it.

Will Samsung Smart TV work without an Internet connection?

Your Samsung Smart TV can work without internet, but in that case it will lose all Smart Features.

How to delete an app on Samsung TV

To uninstall apps from your Samsung Smart TV, visit the Apps section and remove them via Apps Settings. Alternatively, use Device Care in TV settings and choose Manage Storage to delete multiple apps simultaneously. You can also try Developer mode to delete pre-installed apps or factory reset to delete all apps at once.

How to fix Samsung TV HDMI no signal problem?

To resolve HDMI no signal on Samsung TV, check cable connections, test different ports or cables, and reboot both devices.

Where is the power button on the Samsung TV?

The power button in Samsung TV can be either on the bottom (center, right or left) or on the back of the case.

How to change the input source on Samsung TV without remote

If you're looking for how to change the signal source on your Samsung TV without a remote control, you need help. The remote control...

How to turn on Samsung TV without a remote

If you need to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote, you can do it either by using the buttons on the body or by using a smartphone app. You can also use voice commands, universal remote, Mobile IR Blasters or third-party apps on your smartphone.

How to connect AirPods to Samsung TV

If you need to attach Airpods to your Samsung TV, it's easy to do. The main thing is that your Samsung TV must be...

Samsung QN90C vs QN90B

QN90C and QN90B offer excellent picture quality, and great brightness. My preference leans towards the QN90C due to its IPS panels. However, if you find a good deal on the QN90B, it's still a solid choice.

How to get Google Chrome on Samsung TV in different ways

You can't download or install Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV. But here's what you can do instead.

How to fix the Peacock not working on the Samsung TV

Like any app, Peacock may experience issues and bugs from time to time. Users find new bugs all the time and there is already...

How to forget the Wi-Fi network on Samsung TV

Can't forget the Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV? Let me help you with that

How to use Multi View on Samsung Smart TV

The Multi View feature on Samsung TVs lets you watch multiple things at once on the same screen. To activate Multi View, just press the Multi View button on your Samsung remote. Some models allow you to display up to 4 streams at the same time, while others have a limit of 2 streams.

What is TIFA or PSID on Samsung TV?

PSID, is a unique code from Samsung for better Smart TV privacy. It's a changeable identifier solely for your TV.

Samsung Q60C vs CU8000

Samsung Q60C vs. CU8000: Q60C wins with better picture, gaming, and features, but comes at a slightly higher price.

How to check the Tizen OS version of Samsung TV?

To check your Samsung TV's Tizen OS version, you can use three methods: access the service menu, use the built-in browser to find device information, or match your TV's model number with the associated OS version.

Samsung Q60B vs Q60C

A comparison between two nearly identical TVs Q60C vs Q60B, available at the same price; however, distinct differences exist between them.

How to get Hulu on Samsung TV

Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and original content. If you have a Samsung TV, you can easily install and watch Hulu on it.