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GuidesSamsung TV models list, Samsung TV models by year

Samsung TV models list, Samsung TV models by year

Read more about Samsung TV model numbers in our article Samsung TV model numbers 2002-2022 search, decoding explanation LED, QLED, LifeStyle
Our team updates information about Samsung TV model numbers every year to provide our readers with up-to-date information. But we still get a lot of questions about how to determine what year your Samsung TV is. First, this is because Samsung now has several lines of TVs, and it’s quite difficult to figure out the model numbers of your TVs. Also, starting in 2021, the same letter will indicate a different year of manufacture for your TV. For example, the letter A in the model number means a TV made in 2008 and 2021. But in 2008, only LED TVs with maximum FullHD resolution were produced, and in 2021, Samsung will stop producing TVs with less than 4K resolution.

To make it easier to understand the information, I’ve tried to briefly show all the TV models by year as a list. Now you can easily determine which year your Samsung TV is released.

Also, let me tell you about the highlights and milestones in the history of Samsung TVs from 2008 to today.

Samsung TVs in 2008

Samsung makes plasma TVs, which is about 20% of Samsung’s total TV production. The remaining models are TVs made with LED technology.

Samsung TVs in 2010

3D televisions began production, with Samsung producing televisions with active 3D technology.

Samsung TVs in 2011

In 2011, Smart TVs began to be released that began to work with online services, allowing you to browse the Internet.

Samsung TVs in 2013

In 2013, Samsung discontinued plasma TVs, the technology had become obsolete, and LED screens had been upgraded.

Samsung TVs in 2014

In 2014, Samsung, and not just Samsung, but all TV manufacturers decided to switch to new 4K resolution screens. UHD televisions began to be released. In 2014, they were premium TVs.

Samsung TVs in 2015

Televisions with 3D support were discontinued. The technology of creating a three-dimensional image in the home has not justified itself. In turn, 3D TVs became slightly more expensive, which had a bad effect on sales.

Samsung TVs in 2017

After a year of lull, Samsung introduced new QLED TVs as well as a new line of Life Style TVs, these are TVs with custom features, such as a TV with a picture-like frame or a TV on legs to mount directly on the floor of the house.

Samsung TVs in 2018

The launch of TVs with 8K resolution. A pretty good solution at the time, but as many critics point out, alas, you won’t notice the difference between a 4K and 8K picture from a normal TV viewing distance. To notice the difference, you have to watch the TV from a distance of 50 cm (20 inches), and you know that’s very close.

Samsung TVs in 2020

Expansion of the Life Style line of TVs, launching TVs for installation outside The Terrace building. Samsung is also launching laser TVs.

Samsung TVs in 2021

Samsung is launching a new line of TVs in 2021 with improved Neo QLED screens. And it’s also discontinuing production of TVs with Full HD screens in Europe and America. It is possible that in some countries Full HD TVs will go on sale, but they will not be Samsung products, but produced by Samsung’s OEM assemblers under an outsourcing system.

List of Samsung TVs by year from 2008 to 2021

yearPlazma (until 2013) LEDQLED 4KQLED 8K (until 2021) Neo QLED 8KNEO QLEDLife StyleProjector
2021UNxxAUxxxx UExxAUxxxx UAxxAUxxxx QNxxQ9xA QExxQ9xA QAxxQ9xA QNxxQ8xA QExxQ8xA QAxxQ8xA QNxxQ7xA QExxQ7xA QAxxQ7xA QNxxQ6xA QExxQ6xA QAxxQ6xA QNxxQ5xA QExxQ5xA QAxxQ5xAQNxxQN900A QExxQN900A QAxxQN900A QNxxQN950A QExxQN950A QNxxQN800A QExxQN800A QAxxQN800A QExxQN700AQNxxQN9xA QNxxQN8xA QExxQN9xA QExxQN8xA QAxxQN9xA QAxxQN8xAQNxxLST9T QExxLST9T QAxxLST9T QNxxLS03A QExxLS03A QAxxLS03A
2020UNxxTxxxx UNxxTUxxxx UExxTxxxx UExxTUxxxx UAxxTxxxx UAxxTUxxxx QNxxQ9xT QExxQ9xT QAxxQ9xT QNxxQ8xT QExxQ8xT QAxxQ8xT QNxxQ7xT QNxxQ7DT QExxQ7xT QAxxQ7xT QNxxQ6xT QNxxQ6DT QExxQ6xT QAxxQ6xT QNxxQ900T QExxQ900T QAxxQ900T QNxxQ950T QExxQ950T QNxxQ800T QExxQ800T QAxxQ800T QExxQ700TQNxxLST7T QExxLST7T QAxxLST7T QN43LS05T QN43LS05T QE43LS05T QAxxLS03T QExxLS03T QAxxLS03T QNxxLS01T QExxLS01T QAxxLS01TLSP7T LSP9T
2019UNxxRxxxx UNxxRUxxxx UExxRxxxx UExxRUxxxx UAxxRxxxx UAxxRUxxxx QNxxQ9xR QExxQ9xR QAxxQ9xR QNxxQ8xR QExxQ8xR QAxxQ8xR QNxxQ7xR QNxxQ7DR QExxQ7xR QAxxQ7xR QNxxQ6xR QNxxQ6DR QExxQ6xR QAxxQ6xR QNxxQ900RB QExxQ900RB QAxxQ900RB QExxQ950RQNxxLS03R QExxLS03R QAxxLS03R QNxxLS01R QExxLS01R QAxxLS01R
2018UNxxNxxxx UNxxNUxxxx UExxNxxxx UExxNUxxxx UAxxNxxxx UAxxNUxxxx QNxxQ9FN QExxQ9FN QAxxQ9FN QNxxQ8FN QExxQ8FN QAxxQ8FN QNxxQ7FN QNxxQ7FCN QExxQ7FN QAxxQ7FN QNxxQ6FN QExxQ6FN QAxxQ6FN QNxxQ900RA QExxQ900RA QAxxQ900RAUNxxLS03N UExxLS03N UAxxLS03N
2017UNxxMxxxx UNxxMUxxxx UExxMxxxx UExxMUxxxx UAxxMxxxx UAxxMUxxxx QNxxQ9F QExxQ9F QAxxQ9F QNxxQ8F/C QExxQ8F/C QAxxQ8F/C QNxxQ7F/C QExxQ7F/C QAxxQ7F/C QNxxQ6F QExxQ6F QAxxQ6F UNxxLS003 UExxLS003 UAxxLS003
2016UNxxKxxxx UNxxKUxxxx UNxxKSxxxx UExxKxxxx UExxKUxxxx UExxKSxxxx UAxxKxxxx UAxxKUxxxx UAxxKSxxxx
2015UNxxJxxxx UNxxJUxxxx UNxxJSxxxx UExxJxxxx UExxJUxxxx UExxJSxxxx UAxxJxxxx UAxxJUxxxx UAxxJSxxxx
2014UNxxHxxxx UNxxHUxxxx UExxHxxxx UExxHUxxxx UAxxHxxxx UAxxHUxxxx
2013UNxxFxxxx UNxxFHxxxx UExxFxxxx UExxFHxxxx UAxxFxxxx UAxxFHxxxx
2012UNxxESxxxx UNxxEHxxxx UExxESxxxx UExxEHxxxx UAxxESxxxx UAxxEHxxxx LExxExxxx LNxxExxxx PNxxExxxx PSxxExxxx PExxExxxx
2011UNxxDxxxx UExxDxxxx UAxxDxxxx LExxDxxxx LNxxDxxxx PNxxDxxxx PSxxDxxxx PExxDxxxx
2010UNxxCxxxx UExxCxxxx UAxxCxxxx LExxCxxxx LNxxCxxxx PNxxCxxxx PSxxCxxxx PExxCxxxx
2009UNxxBxxxx UExxBxxxx UAxxBxxxx LExxBxxxx LNxxBxxxx PNxxBxxxx PSxxBxxxx PExxBxxxx
2008UNxxAxxxx UAxxAxxxx UExxAxxxx LExxAxxxx LNxxAxxxx PNxxAxxxx PSxxA xxxx PExxAxxxx



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