As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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List of Samsung ad servers

To broadcast ads to its devices, especially TVs using the Tizen OS, Samsung uses ad servers where the ads are processed and then sent to the user’s device. Here’s a list of Samsung ad servers that you can use to control (block) ads on your devices

Samsung server chart

samsungads.comADS server
config.samsungads.comADS server
ads.samsungads.comADS server
samsungqbe.comserver Smart Hub
samsungotn.netSoftware update servers
samsung.netdeveloper’s website internal company portal subdomain of the main site, currently unused
adgear.comSamsung Ads Canada ad servers, the company is an approved Samsung Ads partner.
samsungacr.comcollection of telemetry data on viewing
samsungadhub.comOld Samsung ad server from 2011-2013, now not owned by Samsung. It is now a spam domain.
samsungtifa.comIdentifier server for displaying advertisements
samsungcloudsolution.comSoftware update servers
samsungcloudsolution.netSoftware update servers
samsungrm.netRemote monitoring of Samsung devices
samsungyosemite.comportal for business products

There are lists on the Internet that categorize the above sites as Samsung ad servers, but in fact they are not. In fact, Samsung has only one advertising server: In the past a subdomain was used, but now it is not used, is the main portal for consumers, which includes hundreds of sites for different countries in the form of a multisite. Third-party servers from certified companies can be used to display ads, but all of them work through the main ad server, transmitting only back information about the user’s interaction with the ads, e.g. is an ad server of

Samsung servers to process and display ads

Samsung utilizes a multi-server infrastructure to facilitate the delivery and monitoring of advertisements on its devices. To streamline this process, data is collected from the device upon online activity and transmitted to the server. This data includes device type, permission settings for personalized advertising, and other relevant information.

Subsequently, the collected data is processed and relayed to the main server,, which oversees the distribution of advertisements to the designated devices. Upon advertisement display, further data pertaining to user interaction, such as clicks, viewing duration, and other telemetry data, is transmitted to This server also receives additional information, such as search queries, while the device is operational.

The advertisement generation and processing are centralized through these three servers:,, and Additionally, certified advertising partners may contribute to this process, potentially involving their own servers.



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