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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Why Samsung is using its TVs to earn from ads?

As streaming continues to grow and account for more and more time spent watching, Samsung has recommended significant changes to its TVs so advertisers can reach the audience they want. Unfortunately, not all Samsung TV users like it. However, if you love Samsung and don’t want to buy another brand’s appliances, you’ll have to put up with the advertising.

Advertisements annoy many people, and they look for ways to turn them off as quickly as possible. I doubt that anyone would be happy in the middle of the finale of a movie or TV series to see an ad for another shower gel or a banking app.

Nevertheless, I’ll tell you right away that I’m not too annoyed by this kind of thing, and the commercials hardly bother me at all. Especially since advertising in Samsung TV sets is neatly displayed at the bottom of the screen and practically doesn’t disturb the user.

In any case, sometimes it’s unclear why Samsung allows ads to be added to its TVs that are almost impossible to get rid of. Well, let’s look into why Samsung uses its TVs to make money from ads.

Do only Samsung TVs have forced ads?

The largest smartphone manufacturer in the world for more than 12 years now is Samsung, which produces smartphones in a variety of different categories, ranging from extremely cheap to incredibly expensive, costing an extremely large sum of money to buy.

Almost every month, the brand presents and launches some new models, and all of them end up being very popular in one country or another. Even despite the fact that the brand sells its branded products at an extremely high price, it has found an additional source of income, and it’s the demonstration of ads to users of its smartphones, and even the top extremely expensive models, for which customers have laid out more than $1000.

However, both on Samsung TVs and on smartphones, the company began to forcibly spread push notifications with various ads. Against the background of this state of affairs, owners of Samsung smartphones on the firmware One UI, based on Android, are wondering how to disable all advertising in the firmware. As it turned out, no one was able to do this using official methods, and the only way to achieve this is to obtain root rights.

In Samsung TVs, unfortunately, it’s impossible to disable ads completely, but there’s an opportunity to turn off them partially.

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What do forced ads mean?

Starting in 2016, Samsung began releasing software updates for its Smart TVs that showed forced ads in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen without the ability to remove them. Ads on Samsung TVs aren’t necessarily related to entertainment. They range from medicines and hygiene products to banks and other financial institutions.

Forced ads are a real problem for users and publishers alike. This annoying form of “bad ads” takes users to unrelated and unwanted pages that often lead to scams, malware, and unauthorized app installations. Forced ads can be dangerous to end users, but they also reflect poorly on the publisher, who can often be blamed. Not only does this discourage users, but it can also lead to distrust, which discourages users from returning.

That’s why many Samsung TV users don’t like it and want to get rid of it. Many users will say that it’s absolutely disgusting that you pay money for Samsung to put their ads on your TV like a billboard. People buy their TVs and other smart appliances all the time, but it can really discourage people from buying their products.

Unfortunately, getting rid of such ads won’t be possible even by completely resetting your Samsung TV. However, there are other ways to partially remove it. Let’s look at them below.

Who are Samsung’s ads aimed at?

Previously, advertising was mostly about new services (such as GameFly), new content from close partners (such as Google Play or Amazon Video), new movies in theaters (such as Angry Birds 2), Samsung’s own services (such as TV Plus) or its own products (such as Galaxy smartphones).

Perhaps this is a calculation for a loyal audience that is already ready to buy these products and only needs to be told about them, except that the advertising campaign and justified media hype so powerfully inform the world about the novelty that it’s simply impossible not to know about it.

Sometimes, on the contrary, users may not have enough advertising. In this case, you can easily enable it on your Samsung TV.

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Why is Samsung using its TVs to make money from ads?

In practice, all this means that even when paying huge sums of money for the South Korean corporation’s TVs, their owners are still forced to see advertising, even if users have forcibly refused it. Not so long ago, Samsung employees said that by demonstrating ads in the firmware of TVs the company gets additional financial resources to improve their branded devices, services, and other technologies, receiving an opportunity to make them better.

However, which is probably obvious to everyone, this is nothing more than an excuse to make extra money on all those who have already paid a considerable amount of money for its branded TVs, regardless of the price category to which they belong.

The problem of ads on modern devices is getting worse every day, and it’s almost impossible to fight them. Of course, pretty much all popular services and companies offer to get rid of ads permanently by purchasing a special subscription.

However, this isn’t always appropriate for regular users. Especially if they don’t use the service or device on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, without ads, life wouldn’t be as varied and people wouldn’t be able to learn about some really useful things.



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