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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to fix subtitles aren’t showing on Samsung TV

Subtitles visualize the audio of a show or movie. By default, subtitles are generally turned off on Samsung TV. If you watch programs in a language you know and have good hearing, you do not need subtitles. But if you need subtitles you must turn them on on the TV.

Subtitle display in general is a very convenient tool that allows some categories of users to simplify watching video content. For this reason, almost all models of modern TVs are equipped with such functionality. Although many people do not like subtitles, they cover a part of the screen, distracting from viewing. The problem is that not everyone knows how to turn the text display on and off. We intend to close this knowledge gap for those of our readers who are interested.

How to change subtitle settings

The “Subtitles” function is used quite extensively in modern television. Usually, a text that duplicates human speech sounding in the original language (other than the language selected by the user as the primary language in the TV receiver’s settings) is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Subtitles often show the name of the current program and a summary of its contents and announce future TV programs.

Subtitles are the only option for people with hearing difficulties. Finally, subtitles can be present as a way of dubbing TV programs in the national language.

Subtitles are supported on most modern TV receivers is as simple as possible, changing the status of the show can be done with a few clicks on the remote control. However, the problem is that, firstly, many people simply don’t know about this possibility. Secondly, there is no generally accepted standard in this matter, and each manufacturer solves the problem in its own way.

There is usually a separate button on the TV remote control which allows you to turn off and on the subtitles at the same time, be it LG, Philips, or Samsung. But it can have different names. Most often it’s Subtitle, but it can also be Sub-t or just Subt. With this button, you can not only turn on / off but also adjust the subtitles on your TV. For example, to activate the automatic dubbing function if there is a track in a foreign language in the viewed video file. As a rule, pressing the button brings up a submenu where you can set the default subtitle language and make display settings (size, font type, were to show it).

If you have a Smart TV, these settings are available in the menu, usually, a menu item called “Advanced Controls” where you should look for the “Subtitles” subitem. Here you will have additional textual content management options that provide you with the highest level of comfort when watching TV shows.

It is up to you to use these features or not. As we’ve already noted, some people don’t like this feature, and if subtitles have been enabled by default or by someone else, the opposite problem arises – how to turn off subtitles.

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Why turned on subtitles don’t show

If you have turned on subtitles on your TV, but they are not on the TV screen, check if you are watching the video over the air or on cable TV. If you’re watching the video over the Internet or HDMI connection, you need to turn on subtitles in your external device or Internet video viewer.

It may also be that the video does not have subtitles, check a few other channels to see if they have subtitles.

How to fix Samsung TV subtitles not showing

On the other hand, sometimes it doesn’t go as smoothly as we expect and most people have faced issues when playing subtitles on Samsung Smart TV. So the following trusted solutions will help you solve Samsung TV subtitles not working issues at one go.

Make sure that the subtitle function has been enabled

Go to tools > Setting > Subtitle Setting. Select “On” to enable subtitle. Due to the default setting, you need to turn on the subtitle of each video.

If the subtitle still isn’t displayed, just go to the next method.

Incompatible subtitle file formats

Most Samsung TVs support external .ttxt, .smi, .srt, .sub, .ssa and .ass formats. So before you add a subtitle to a video and play it on Samsung TV, you’d better check whether the subtitle format is supported or not. What’s more, if the containers of internal subtitles are not included in the supported list, you need to convert them to a proper one.

Update firmware to the latest version

The faulty old firmware also causes Samsung smart TV subtitles problems in some cases. To update the firmware of your TV, you can go to the official site.

The faulty old firmware also causes Samsung smart TV subtitles problems in some cases. To update the firmware of your TV, you can go to the official site.

Replace the USB device

There is also an option to play subtitles on Samsung TV via USB. However, the slow data transmission of USB may also lead to subtitles not displaying or video and subtitle not synchronizing. If you have tried all the methods above and still fail to figure out the Samsung TV subtitle problem, you might consider replacing the USB devices in time.

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How to turn subtitles off on Philips TV

On regular Philips brand TVs, you have to use the Subtitle button on the remote control to cancel the Teletext display. The name may be different, depending on the country in which the TV was manufactured. You can clarify this point by looking at the documentation.

As for the new models, including those with a Smart set-top box, the following steps are required to disable subtitles:

  • Enter the TV settings through the Menu button.
  • Using the right arrow, look for the Features item.
  • A vertical menu will appear and you will scroll to the Closed Captions item.
  • Go to the right, and then with the down arrow select one of the two possible values: On if you want to enable subtitles, and Off – to disable them.
  • Press the Menu button to remember the settings made and exit the Philips TV settings mode.

Hope these instructions help you, and if you managed it, share your experience with others, we only welcome such comments. And for those, who couldn’t turn the subtitles on or off, we advise you to use the opportunity to describe the problem in the comments, too, indicating the brand and model of your TV. We will try and respond asap.


    • The HDR-1100S remote control has a SUB button. It is located at the very bottom left corner. Subtitles are turned on and off on the HDR-1100S.


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