As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What Smart TVs and devices are compatible with Spectrum TV: The full list

At the moment, TV technology is developing at a staggering rate. Every year, there are more and more innovations on the market, both technically and in terms of software. New screen resolutions are accompanied by new methods of shooting, processing, and playback.

Consequently, there is too much content to store, even digitally. This is why streaming platforms have gained such overwhelming popularity in the last few years. With the Internet now available almost everywhere, they’ve become an extremely convenient and affordable way to watch various movies, series, and shows.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself solely to well-known platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus. With innovations appearing every day, such as the Spectrum app, you can sit in your room and turn any phone screen into a television.

Are there any devices you can use Spectrum TV on?

With the Spectrum App, you can go beyond your TV. This allows you to get the most out of your Spectrum subscription. The advantage of this app is that if you use Spectrum, you can use it on any type of device. It doesn’t matter what you prefer to watch your favorite shows and programs on.

Spectrum is originally a well-known Internet, wireless, and cable digital TV provider. Spectrum TV is also the television division of a well-known brand called Charter Communications. The Charter Communications brand traces its history back to 2014 when it began using the well-known Spectrum brand name for its services.

You can use Spectrum TV on a large variety of devices with different OC. It doesn’t matter on which OC you used it previously, iOS or Android, if you want to use it on another OC your progress on the account will be saved. For more about it read below, in the next paragraph.

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On which devices you can use Spectrum TV for sure?

As mentioned above, the main prerequisite for Spectrum TV to work is a compatible device. Luckily for movie fans, the app is compatible with just about every device. Read more about it below:

  1. Spectrum works with all devices that run on the iOS platform, including tablets. It generally means that you can use it with everything that Apple releases: all their iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.
  2. If you own a Samsung Smart TV released in 2012 or higher, the app will be available for use. Good news for everyone who decided to buy new Smart TV from Samsung.
  3. Except for the first-generation Kindle Fire, Spectrum TV is compatible with all Amazon devices.
  4. All Roku devices support the Spectrum TV app except the first-generation model.
  5. Absolutely all Xbox One models and above are compatible with the Spectrum TV app. It includes: Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and Xbox One X.
  6. Vizio Smart TV can also be used for you to download the spectrum app and enjoy a non-stop streaming experience.

Unfortunately, if you use LG Smart TV, you cannot watch Spectrum directly from it. To use it, you will need a set-top box or another device that will be compatible with the Spectrum TV app and LG Smart TV at the same time.

What is special or interesting about Spectrum TV?

As mentioned above, the Spectrum app is extremely handy, the only snag is having a compatible device. Of course, it’s available on a PC just like Netflix, and you’ll need a subscription to use it.

In addition to the wide range of content available, Spectrum TV comes with amazing features that can come in handy at any time. One feature available that will appeal to adult audiences with children is parental control. This feature allows parents to block adult programming for their children. In addition to this feature, the following are also available:

  1. You’ll be able to watch free channels.
  2. In Spectrum TV, you’ll also be able to control and change any channels with your smartphone.
  3. As with other similar platforms, you’ll be able to search for your favorite shows by name or team name.
  4. Spectrum TV will also appeal to those who don’t want to overpay.

To get all of the above, you just need to sign up for a Spectrum plan, and that’s it. All plans have a clearly stated price, and you won’t have to pay extra for the term of use you’ve already paid for.

If the plan doesn’t work for you, and you just need a specific video, you can also buy it separately. Most good things have a price. Downloading the app itself doesn’t cost anything.

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What other requirements do you need to satisfy to use Spectrum TV?

After you select a Spectrum plan and download the Spectrum app, you’ll need to sign up or sign in. To create your Spectrum user information, visit Create a Spectrum account.

Keep in mind that once you create your Spectrum user information, it’ll take approximately three days or less to fully activate your Spectrum account. In addition, you’ll need to consider the following requirements when using Spectrum:

  1. Your Internet connection speed should be about 10 – 15 Mbps. On the device where you choose to use the app.
  2. You must clear all Spectrum accounts in order to access the app.
  3. It’ll be better if you live in the U.S. The fact is that the Spectrum TV app doesn’t work outside of the US. You’ll have to use a VPN for this.
  4. An active Internet connection.
  5. Depending on the region, some channels may become unavailable. To access the channels, you must change your location settings.

So, given the easy-to-follow operating conditions, Spectrum is a convenient and affordable choice for watching movies, TV shows, and TV shows. It’s a great idea to give it a try, and if it won’t work out, you can always delete the app and cancel your subscription.


  1. I just found out the hard way, you need to also need to have Spectrum internet. I switch over to another providers fibre service and now half my Spectrum streaming app stations are no longer available. I get a message that I need to connect to my Spectrum internet service. A call to Spectrum’s advanced streaming support confirmed this is how it works. I could not find this documented anywhere. Mind you, I kept the TV service in force and one of their “benefits” is streaming thru the app. Not much good if you can only get Ralph the channels!


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