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How to get Spectrum App on LG Smart TV

LG TVs are some of the most popular TVs on the home appliance market. In addition to the good quality and variety of content that the product offers, many viewers wonder if it is possible to install Spectrum App on their LG TV. Since the app lets you watch at least 125 channels with free HD, thousands of on-demand titles, and an option to add premium networks under its basic plan, it is very convenient and appealing to many people. Especially when combined with a device like LG’s.

However, unfortunately, Spectrum has not yet exploited this potential and it is not possible to install the application directly from the LG Store. However, do not get frustrated as there are possible alternatives and in this article, you will find them.

Is it possible to get the Spectrum app on LG smart TV

Unfortunately, you are not able to download the Spectrum app directly from the LG store. Instead, there are other alternative options that you can use to get the Spectrum app services on your LG Smart TV. Most viewers are able to enjoy the Spectrum app on their LG Smart TV by using Roku, Xbox One, or downloading an APK file.

How to download the Spectrum app on LG smart TV

Until the developers will not create a way to download Spectrum on LG TV, will have to choose their own ways to enjoy the application. One of these options is to install the APK file. Here is how to do it:

Note: downloading APK’s is slightly risky, so it is recommended to install them from a reliable website.

  • Launch any other web browser on your computer, and run a google search for “Spectrum TV APK file
  • Search through the results and download the Spectrum TV APK file from a trustworthy website. Be extra careful about this step
  • Once the file gets downloaded, insert a USB drive into your PC and transfer the file onto the USB stick
  • After that plug in the USB which contains your APK file into your LG Smart TV
  • Using the remote, click the APK file open on your Smart TV, and an installation message will pop up
  • Choose “Install” and wait untill the download is completed
  • Once the download is completed, open the Spectrum TV app on your LG Smart TV and enjoy limitless streaming

How to install Spectrum TV app on LG TV with Google Chromecast

If you have Chromecast, it can help a lot, because Chromecast allows you to mirror the content you stream on your smartphone. This option shouldn’t be too complicated, so here’s how to do it:

  • Connect Chromecast and LG TV via an HDMI cable and make sure they are on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Go to the Google Home application on your phone or PC and select Chromecast device
  • Choose the “Cast My Screen” option when the pop-up appears and then click “Start now
  • Your TV screen is now mirroring your phone screen. Open the Spectrum TV app on your phone and stream away

How to install Spectrum TV app on LG TV with Roku

The easiest way would be to purchase or if you already have a Roku TV. Roku will allow viewers to install Spectrum App without unnecessary gestures and time, just follow the instructions:

  • Connect your Roku Device to LG Smart TV
  • Switch your Smart TV on and play Roku Media Player
  • Then go to the homepage of Roku Media Player and find click the search bar
  • Find “Spectrum TV” and then click on it
  • Go to the next screen and click on “Add Channel
  • Now, Spectrum TV will start downloading. Once the download is completed, visit the channel where you downloaded it
  • To log in enter your account credentials and experience a full range of entertainment

And this is how you can install the Spectrum app on your LG Smart TV. Good luck and have a good time watching your favorite shows!



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