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AudioHow to get Discord on PS4 and use it

How to get Discord on PS4 and use it

Today, Discord really deserves a lot of attention. This platform combines features such as voice, video, or text chat, data sharing, streaming, and much more. Discord is the most popular chat room for in-game communication among gamers. It is currently available on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. As for the PS4, the Discord app is currently in development and is scheduled for release in 2022.

All in all, many gamers are asking whether they can use Discord on the PS4. The short answer is of course they can! And in this article, we are going to figure out how to make it possible.

How to use Discord on PS4

There is only one way to use Discord on PS4 and other consoles. If you want to set up Discord on your console, you need the following equipment:

  • First, the headset must be compatible with PS4 and must include an optical cable and USB connection with it;
  • Mixamp. It helps you switch audio between your PS4 console and PC;
  • Cables. Recommended one is 5 mm Male to Male audio cable extension, 3.5 mm Aux Splitter;
  • PC with the Discord app downloaded.

To set up Disсord on the PS4, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, connect the optical cable between your mixamp and PS4;
  • Then, open Settings and click “Sound and Screen”;
  • Go to “Audio Output Settings”;
  • Change the Primary Output Port to Digital Out (Optical);
  • Plug the USB into your base station and the other end into the PC;
  • Make sure you base station is in PC mode;
  • Launch Discord on your PC and change the input device in voice settings to your mixamp;
  • Use a 3.5mm audio jack and run it from your PC speaker output to the mixamp;
  • Go back to your voice settings in Discord and change the output device to your PC speakers.

That’s all! Now you can enjoy chatting with your friends and teammates via Discord on PS4.

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