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How to make Discord channel read-only

Don’t know how to set up a read-only channel in Discord? This is actually very easy and you will see for yourself now.

Does Discord allow you to create read-only channels

Discord is very popular among gamers as an application that allows you to communicate in both text and voice format. Moreover, there you can hold broadcasts, open channels to communicate not only as in a private chat but as in forums.

You’ve probably heard or seen that you can create channels where participants can’t write or talk without the administrator’s permission. These types of channels are mostly informational places. The main purpose of such channels is simply to provide one-way information. For example, notifications about updates, news, or just a channel with the rules.

Although Diskord may seem difficult to use for newcomers, it isn’t. If you’ve just recently discovered Discord, don’t worry – you’ll get used to the interface very quickly and already understand what’s what.

Just below you’ll see a short guide on how to properly configure the channel so that your participants can’t write there, but they can read it.

How to not let users send messages via Discord channel

In order to edit a channel in Discord, you must first have your own server. Or you must have permission from the administrator to edit the channel. In addition, if you’re an administrator yourself, you can give other people permission to manage your channels. However, only give permission to people you trust to manage your server and channels.

Here’s how to set up a read-only text channel in Discord:

  • Go to the server settings menu by right-clicking on the server name to open a drop-down menu, and then select Server Settings and Roles.
  • Once the window has opened, click the ‘+‘ found on the right side of the Roles window.
  • This will pull up a text box where you can type in the name of the role. You can name it whatever you want but for this tutorial, I’m going with ‘Announce Admin’. Select the role’s color and then click on the Save Changes button.
  • Now you’ll need to assign the new ‘Announce Admin’ role to the appropriate members you wish to give it to by clicking on the “Members” tab in the right sidebar (similar to where you found the “Roles” tab).
  • Click the ‘+’ to the right of the members chosen and select the new role from the options provided.
  • Once you’ve selected all appointed members to the coveted role of ‘Announce Admin’ you’ll have to create a new channel. Underneath where your channels are located, right-click an open area and select Create Channel from the options inside the dialog window.
  • Next, create a name for your read-only channel. You can name this channel ‘announcements’. Once a name has been decided and filled out, click the Create Channel button. (make sure the #text channel option is clicked.)
  • To limit the channel to a read-only channel (as well as permissions to only those with the new ‘Announce Admin’ role) you’ll need to set the channel permissions. You can access this by clicking on the Cog icon located to the right of the channel you’re focused on.
  • Once in the Edit Channel menu, click the “Permissions” tab. This will open up the General Permissions window where you’ll be able to enable or disable specific permissions tailored to individual roles.
  • Go ahead and click on that all-powerful ‘+’ icon. It can be found to the right of Roles/Members.  Find and select the new role you wish to modify.
  • With the @everyone role selected and highlighted, scroll down and deny the “Send Messages” permission by selecting the red X. Then click on the Save Changes button that pops up.
  • Next, select and highlight the new role you created, and scroll down to accept the “Send Messages” permission by selecting the green checkmark. Then click on the Save Changes button that pops up.

This way, not only you can post to this chat room, but also people with the Announce admin role can give information to this chat room. Other users who don’t have special permission will only be able to read the chat room.

Is there an option to restrict users send messages

Well, if you have a channel where people can write, but only in a limited space (like information about themselves, etc.), then there is a special option that will help you in this. It’s called the ‘Slow mode’ feature. It’s in Settings (the gear icon) and can be found in the Overview tab. There you can find the slider to be set to six hours.

You know more about how to set up a channel just for alerts, news, etc. This way, you can control your server better and keep it tidy.



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