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How to turn off private browsing on iPad

Don't understand how to disable private browsing on your iPad? Let me help you with that.

How to enable cookies on iPad

Don't know how to enable cookies on your ipad? Let me help you with that.

How to hide App Store purchases on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Don't know how to hide an inconvenient purchase in AppStore? Let me help you with that.

DaVinci Resolve video editor is available on the iPad

If you want to use your iPad for video editing, you can.

Hurry up and buy the 9th generation iPad for $270

Now you can buy an iPad at a big discount.

How to play Archery in iMessage

Did you know that you can play archer right in iMessage?

Save $60 on your iPad 9th Generation purchase now

If you've been thinking about buying an entry-level iPad for a long time, now might be the best time.

How to fix the iPad keyboard isn’t displaying

The problem may be related to the external Bluetooth keyboard, or if you use third-party keyboards on your iPad.

How to tell if someone screenshots your FaceTime call

Does FaceTime notify you if someone screenshots your conversation? Here's what you should know.

You can save up to $120 on buying an iPad Air 4Gen right now

Hurry up so you don't miss out on a good discount on the 4th generation iPad Air.

How to use Stage Manager on iPad

The new multi-tasking feature Stage Manager may surprise you. Let me explain how to use it properly.

How to enable location services for Hulu on iPhone or iPad

Hulu doesn't want to work for you because of problems with location services? Just activate them.

Can you connect two Bluetooth headphones to iPhone

Can you connect two headphones to your iPhone at the same time? Of course you can, but with some restrictions.

Apple has invented another adapter for the iPad

Apple has released another adapter so you can attach your Apple Pencil to the new iPad.

What does live mean in Find My on iPhone or iPad?

Don't understand what Live status means in Find My? It's very simple.

How to set the alarm on an iPad

Want to set the alarm on your iPad? Here's how.

How to fix the iPad keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Is your iPad constantly disconnecting from Wi-Fi? There is a solution!

Apple finally shows iPad 10 Gen

Apple has finally reinvent their basic iPad. The new iPad 10 Gen was unveiled today.

Apple shows new iPad PRO with M2

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro today. And it's the first iPad to be powered by the M2 processor.

How to call 911 from an iPad

In an emergency and only have an iPad at hand? It's better to know how to call 911 from your iPad in advance.

How to disconnect your iPad from your iPhone

Tired of your iPhone and iPad constantly syncing all your data? There is a way to stop it.

How to add a device to ‘Find My’ on iPhone or iPad

In order to manage your devices in the Find My app, you should know this information.

Apple is reportedly working on a new dock that turns the iPad into a smart display

The iPad will also become more handy in the Smart Home system.

How to use Control F (Command F) on iPad

To find something on a page or in a document on your iPad, you can use the "Control F" function

How to turn off AirPlay on iPhone

Are you tired of your iPhone automatically switching to other devices with AirPlay all the time? Just turn it off.

How to disable split screen on iPad

How to get rid of split screen on iPad Safari on iPad has a handy...

How to play Sea Battle in iMessage

Here's how you can play classic Sea Battle in iMessage on your iPhone.

Can you change the battery color on iPhone?

Tired of the standard battery colour? You can find out how to change it here.

How to auto-reply on iMessage on iPhone

No time for reply? Your iPhone have way to deal with it.

What does the green “Join” button mean on iMessage

You see a green Join button in a group chat and you don't know what it means? It's actually quite simple.

How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Apple has now made it possible to play games directly in the iMessage app. Including you can play the popular game Gomoku.

How to split screen on iPad Pro

The iPad is one of the best choices for working and spending free time....

How to fix the Split Screen isn’t working on your iPad

The iPad in today's world is better than a PC for some people. People...

How to Split Screen on iPad (5th Gen) and iPad (6th Gen)

People who are actively using this function with the certainty that it's very convenient...

How to split screen on iPad Air

The iPad supports multitasking. It allows you to use two or more apps on...

Should you use a split screen on your iPad?

The iPad is one of the best choices for working and spending free time....

How to disable split screen on iPad in Safari

iPad is provided with a feature called Split View which is switched on by...

How to turn on a split screen on an iPad

Multi-window mode on iPad, called Split View, was first implemented with the release of...

What iPad models support Split screen?

iPad is a multi-purpose device that can be used for many tasks. For some...

What is Split View on iPad?

Multi-window mode on iPad, called Split View, was first implemented with the release of...

How to fix screen recording failed to save due to 5823

Recording your iPhone screen is useful when you want to take a picture and...

How to free up storage space on iCloud

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service. Every user of an Apple device gets it...

Is iPad Pro good for work?

The Apple iPad's one of the most popular choices on the market now. And...

How to clear Safari cache on iPhone or iPad

Each Internet user has at least once faced the problem of an overloaded cache...

Is the Apple Pencil worth buying?

Diverse gadgets make our lives more pleasant. Even if at first glance it seems...

How to disable auto app updates on iPhone or iPad

Modern gadgets actually have quite powerful hardware. This allows users to install and run...

What is better to choose: Android tablets or iPads?

Decided to make a new purchase and buy a tablet? The choice is so...

How to remove ‘Sent From My iPhone’ signature on iPhone

Have you noticed that when you send emails from your iPhone using the standard...

How to change margins on Google Docs explained

Changing the margins in Google Docs can be a very useful action if you...

How to allow pop-ups on iPhone in a few steps

Surfing the Internet has become a common thing for every user. It has long...