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GuidesWhat does 'ratio' mean on TikTok?

What does ‘ratio’ mean on TikTok?

In today’s world, social networking has become a must-have for almost every user. Not surprisingly, along with social networking, there are many new terms and different things that are associated specifically with activity in the social network. For example, many users can not understand what the term “ratio” means in TikTok

What is the term “Ratio” in the social network TikTok

With the advent of social media, they have literally sucked in millions of people. Today, everyone has multiple accounts on a variety of social media sites. People go there for a variety of reasons.

In social networks, you can communicate with other users, learn the latest news, meet people with different interests, create different events and just enjoy funny or informative content.

If we talk about those who were indeed fortunate to realize many aspects of the ideal social networking immediately comes to mind TikTok. This is a fairly high-quality service that has taken as a basis for the creation of short videos, often with music. Most videos in TikTok are entertainment content. However, if and when the authors shoot video clips on a really important topic. In these cases, they can collect thousands of comments.

That’s how the word ratio was invented to measure these comments.

What ratio means in social media

The term ratio was originally used in the social network Twitter. Basically, it applies when the ratio of activity under your comment indicates that it’s perceived negatively.

This usually means that your comment has received more replies than likes. It was the same on Twitter when there were more Retweets than likes for another Tweet. In that case, it essentially means that many users disagree with your opinion and your comment is likely to be perceived negatively.

If people see a ‘ratioed’ comment, they may be biased in advance simply because most users don’t agree with the commenter’s opinion. The same can apply to TikTok posts.

This actually happens quite rarely, but there are posts where the number of angry comments exceeds the number of likes.

You can say that ratio is such an alternative to disliking on YouTube. Of course, at the moment YouTube is disabled, but still, on the ratio of angry responses to positive, you can understand the attitude of people to a particular problem.

In addition, a comment can fall under the term ‘ratioed’ if there are more likes on the response to that comment than on the comment itself.

What other uses of ratio in TikTok are there

In addition to the negative connotations, ratio in TikTok is also sometimes used in a positive way. For example, sometimes users can write the comment “ratio me 1:1” as a joke or a challenge. It means that this user wants to get as many likes on his comment as there are on the post he left the comment under.

There are also several levels for such a challenge. For example, if a user left the comment “Ratio me 1:1:1,” and the post has 100 likes, he asks for 100 likes on his comment and 100 likes on the comments under his comment.

How to respond to comments in TikTok

In fact, if you’ve seen a controversial comment and want to support it or vice versa express your disagreement with its author, then it’s pretty easy to do.

In order to give alike, you just need to click on the heart in the right corner of the comment.

If you don’t agree with the author’s opinion and want to express your own point of view, you need the Reply button right below the comment.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to do. Now you’ll know exactly how to distinguish controversial comments from ordinary comments in TikTok



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