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Microsoft Excel

How to add months to a date in Microsoft Excel

If you create monthly reports or make any tables that are tied to dates, it will be useful to know how to add months to dates in your table.

How to use strikethrough on any cell in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has many useful features and strikethrough is one of them. Follow these steps to apply it in your spreadsheet on any cell.

How to add today’s date in Microsoft Excel

Even the most ardent users of Microsoft's services can sometimes be unaware of some of the really useful tips. One such useful feature is...

How to switch X and Y-axis in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has long been the most popular application for creating pages, charts, lists, and other things for doing business. It's its toolkit that...

How to convert Apple Numbers to Microsoft Excel

Whether you’re sending an Apple Numbers file to a Microsoft Excel user or are on the receiving end of a Numbers workbook you would...

How to insert check mark in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is probably the most popular application for spreadsheets, lists, and anything else you need to run your business. It's convenient because it...

How to convert a JSON file to Microsoft Excel

JSON is a text-based data exchange format based on a multi-paradigm programming language. Its main purpose is to store and transmit a structured stream...