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YouTubeHow to make a YouTube channel searchable

How to make a YouTube channel searchable

One of the most important parts of promoting your YouTube channel is getting it to appear in search results. This is very important because the most common way to find a channel on YouTube is to simply go to the platform and search for its name.

However, some channels, for a variety of reasons, may find it difficult to achieve visibility in search results. As a result, the channel may lose some potential subscribers and important content interactions. However, don’t despair, because you can fix this with keywords, tags, and other tricks. Well, let’s take a closer look at how to get your YouTube channel back into search.

Why doesn’t the YouTube channel appear in the search?

If your YouTube channel isn’t in the search results on YouTube, you need to optimize your channel page. The fact is that YouTube tries to show users the most relevant search results.

YouTube’s algorithm uses many factors to analyze and rank millions of videos, channels, and playlists. The best results usually have more views, likes, subscribers, and matching keywords.

Here are the most common reasons why your channel isn’t searchable:

  • Recently created channel.
  • Private channel.
  • Common YouTube channel name.
  • Inappropriate channel name.
  • Targeted keywords aren’t being used.

Your newly created channel may not show up in YouTube search results right away. YouTube needs to index your channel and videos before your content begins to appear.

How do you know if your YouTube channel is available to public watching?

You can make your channel private on YouTube. However, in this case, it will not appear in the search and will only be visible to you. For this reason, you should first make sure that your account hasn’t been accidentally set to private.

To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” after signing into your YouTube account.
  • Then open the “Advanced” tab and click “Make This Channel Public”.

You can also allow users to find your channel by email address. This option is located under “Privacy” in your account settings.

How to change your YouTube channel name

The name of your channel may be the reason why no one can find it in search results. Frequently used channel names in video titles and descriptions can fall below more popular content. You should also consider whether your channel name is appropriate for all audiences. Channel names that aren’t appropriate for all ages may not show up in search results.

In addition, you should know that the name of your YouTube channel must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Brand name
    • It’s not recommended to use a brand name by itself unless you already have an established brand. However, you can combine a brand name with a categorical or explanatory name.
  • Categorical
    • A categorical name includes a target keyword related to the category of content featured on your channel. For example, a channel dedicated to soccer might include the word “soccer” in its title.
  • Explanatory
    • An explanatory title explains what users can expect to find on your channel.

However, the most important criterion is uniqueness. The more unique your YouTube channel name is, the more likely it will be found through search.

How to optimize YouTube channel using keywords and tags

Keywords and tags help find your videos or your channel in YouTube searches. Start by choosing strong, targeted keywords that your channel and video can rank for. Avoid the most popular keywords for your category, as you are likely to face more competition for search engine placement.

Enter 10-15 topical keywords or phrases that will get you found in searches. You can use YouTube’s special keyword tool. It allows you to quickly find relevant keywords with less competition and a large enough audience.

Add keywords to the titles and descriptions of each YouTube video and playlist. If possible, add one relevant keyword to your channel title. It’s also best to avoid long titles and descriptions stuffed with keywords. Titles should be about 120 characters and descriptions should be no more than 200 words.

Once titles and descriptions are keyword-optimized, incorporate tags into your channel, playlists and videos to make your content more searchable. Use your channel name as a tag throughout your content, including your channel description. You should also use targeted keywords in your channel description and related videos and playlists.

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What metrics does YouTube pay most attention to?

The first indicator that YouTube is interested in is CTR. YouTube itself defines it as follows. CTR shows how many times users watched the video after the icon was shown. According to this indicator, you can judge the effectiveness of the icons.

The icon is the title picture that we see above the title of the video when searching, in recommended, etc. This indicator can be viewed in the stats for each video.

The second indicator is audience retention. The longer the time they watch the video, the better. If the video is watched until the end, it is ideal. Here you can just define the duration of commercials. The formula is simple, how long they watch, so much, and what should be filmed. Information about the duration of viewing ads is also available in the statistics section. Analyze, draw conclusions and optimize content.

And the third indicator is the depth of viewing. It is desirable that YouTube users watch the videos one by one and do not leave the channel. The more videos they watch, the better.



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