As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Does Nintendo Switch comes with games: here’s what to know

The big problem when buying a new console is that the console itself costs a lot, but its games can also take you a lot of money. And often new console users go without games on their consoles for the first time. To correct this situation, many manufacturers have started to include in the complete set of their consoles a few free starter games. So you can come home with your new device and play something right away. Examples include Nintendo Vii with its Viii Sports or Playstation 5 with its Astro Playroom. But as for a console like the Nintendo Switch or Switch Light. Will they include free games?

What’s the starter package for the Nintendo Switch

When you buy your console in the box will find not only the console itself but all the devices that come with it. The package of the Switch is quite large in comparison with other consoles, it includes a lot more items. Among them :

  • Nintendo Switch console itself.
  • The Dock Station to connect your console to the TV and charging
  • Two Joy Cones controllers. These are branded Nintendo controllers. Each of them has a lot of keys, accelerometer and gyroscope, as they have a built-in vibration motor and they have a very good vibration. They come labeled L and R which stands for Left and Right Joy-Con
  • Next you will be greeted by a special strap for Joy-Cons so that when you actively play you will not lose it out of hand.
  • There’s also a special Joy-Con holder so you can comfortably play games while your console is in the dock station.
  • Also included is a power cable for connecting and charging the Docking Station
  • And a HDMI cable to connect to a TV or monitor.

The Nintendo Switch includes everything you may need to play comfortably from the first minute of purchasing your console. But what about gaming?

Are there any games included with the Nintendo Switch

If you bought your console as a bundle you would get some games with it. These bundles are usually provided by stores and it’s up to them to decide what lineup of games will be included in your bundle. Such purchase can be very profitable as usually, the bundles are not much more expensive than just an empty console but they can include 1-5 different games. Stores may offer different sets and bundle options, so you can choose what works best for you.

As for the empty console, the starter kit doesn’t include the no-frills games. There are limited-edition versions of Nintendo Switch which are released for some event or anniversary or just for the release of a popular game, usually these consoles come with the game in whose release they are timed.

What to play on the first day of buying a console

If you bought a blank console with no games do not get upset. Nintendo’s game library is full of all kinds of free projects. For example, you only need to connect your console to the network and you can download Fortnite or other no less popular games on it. You can install them absolutely for free.

Another new way to play on day one is cloud-based gaming. During the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, it was shown that users can stream games like Control and Hitman 3.



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