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GuidesHow to find your Sprint phone number

How to find your Sprint phone number

If you wanted to look at your phone and you were served by Sprint, unfortunately, you’ll not find ways to be up to date. The thing is that T-Mobile bought Sprint in 2020 and now you can’t even go to the main sprint.com website. Officially, Sprint is gone. T-Mobile is now in the business of serving Sprint customers.

And yet, what are the changes now? What do I have to do to see my phone number? And in general, is it worth sticking with T-Mobile? In general, yes, at least for a while until you find a more suitable operator. Also, generally speaking, T-Mobile has more coverage and data speeds for Americans, but it’s important to remember that critics say there’s no clear way to hold the carrier accountable to its promises and that higher prices may be inevitable.

Don’t worry, if you had Sprint, you’ll still use your original carrier’s network for now. However, those Sprint customers who aren’t in the LTE coverage area will automatically be transferred to the T-Mobile network. The network, in fact, should have already covered all the necessary zones and transferred all clients to the same network.

You may be asking, but what about the prices? Do we have to overpay now? No. For now. The thing is that T-Mobile promised that, supposedly, until 2023 the rates will not change and everything will be as before. And after that date – we will see.

In case you need to pay your Sprint bill, then there is a high chance you’re going to get rerouted to T-Mobile. You can still pay your bill on Sprint.com, but it’s probably closed now. So, in order to pay the bill go to T-Mobile’s website, click My Account, and sign in with your Sprint login credentials. You’ll then be redirected to the MySprint dashboard.

Is it possible to find Sprint phone number now

You can. The thing is, you can’t do it the old way now. That is, you can’t go to Sprint.com. If you were served by Sprint, you’ll be using the T-Mobile website for the most part if you switch, though not completely, to T-Mobile. This is where you have to find out how to find out your Sprint phone number.

Before you start looking at your phone number, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with what T-Mobile offers to customers who have switched from Sprint. There may be various details and nuances that will help you manage your account more easily, including finding out your phone number.

Next is a list of useful links to sections and FAQs in T-Mobile, thanks to which you’ll not get confused:

  • Getting familiar with the site is gonna be huge so here’s a Get Started section. There will be a detailed description of how to register and make a profile
  • Head to the How to and guide for other more important articles on replying to messages
  • Sprint Migration Center is a great place to start for articles on common questions like billing and setting up a T-Mobile ID for your account access
  • And, finally, Find your account number – article, where you can find out how to find your phone number and all the details in general

After you have completely figured out your T-Mobile ID, and know the number, it will also be useful to know the shortcodes of the new operator.

Self-service short codes

#BAL# (#225#)Provides account balance and last payment
#BNG# (#264#)Check the status of Binge On™
#BOF# (#263#)Turn off Binge On
#BON# (#266#)To on Binge On
#FAM# (#326#)Check Family Allowance usage
#MIN# (#646#)Check minute usage
#MSG# (#674#)Check message usage
#WEB# (#932#)Check data used, data plan, and expiration date. Use the T-Mobile app for the most up-to-date information
#NUM# (#686#)Display your phone number
*PAY (*729)Allows you to pay over the phone
#PWD# (#793#)Reset voicemail password
#PWO# (#796#)Turn the voicemail password on or off
#ROF# (#763#)Turn off international data roaming
#RON# (#766#)Turn on international data roaming
*#06#Display device IMEI number

There are also a few shortcodes that can help you quickly check your prepaid account balance details, Refill your prepaid account, and manage Unlimited video streaming with Binge On®.

*ADD (*233)Call the Refill Center
#BAL# (#225#)Check account service cycle
#999#Check account balance and minutes remaining
#WEB# (#932#)Check web usage
#BNG# (#264#)Check the status of Binge On
#BOF# (#263#)Turn off Binge On
#BON# (#266#)Turn on Binge On

And that is all on how to find your Sprint (T-Mobile) phone number.



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