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ComputingWhat is Sleeper PC?

What is Sleeper PC?

If you like unusual devices, you would surely like to build your own PC. This gives you the opportunity for complete customization and in that case, you can build a truly unique computer. First, however, you should think about what style of PC you want to assemble your PC in.

Many people choose the idea of building a Sleeper PC. It is essentially a modern PC in a case from an old model or even an old console. The point of this build is that people don’t even think about the fact that you have a powerful and modern PC under your desk. So you can surprise all your friends and your computer will stand out from the rest.

What PC is called a Sleeper PC?

Building a PC is a very interesting and responsible activity. Most likely you will build your computer and then use it for several years, so you should be careful when choosing a design for your PC. A fairly popular option today is the Sleeper PC.

Sleeper PCs are powerful computers that are housed in a case from an old weak PC or just in a case from something ordinary. For example, they are often the old white PC cases from the early 2000s. Also, such a PC can be assembled in a case from an old console or any old equipment. The idea is that people around you don’t realize that you have a really good computer in an old case.

This idea came from the world of cars, where it is very popular to make ordinary-looking cars very fast and powerful. You can also modify the computer case in many ways. For example, add RGB lighting or custom art. Since such cases are cheap you can do with them what you want, the only limit is your imagination.

Why do you need a Sleeper PC?

The main reason why you may need a Sleeper PC is of course the possibility to get an unusual device and show it off to your friends. In fact, there is no practical use for Sleeper PC. It means that this PC will not differ from a PC built in another box, but this way you can express yourself and make a computer that will be pleasing to your eye in the first place.

Also, another advantage is that the case for such a PC will be very cheap. This is an opportunity to save money and if you have a plan to customize it, it will look no worse or maybe even better than the modern cases from major brands. In any case, I would advise you before choosing a style for your PC also look at other cases such as mini PCs or PCs in modern styles.

Another reason why people choose this type of PC is to hide its hardware. For instance, you can have one at work, and as long as nobody is looking you can play your favorite games. Or if you just did not want anyone to know that you have a powerful computer, so you can visually hide it.

Should you build your own PC?

To begin with, I would think about whether to build a PC yourself or search the Internet for ready-made computer options. You really need to think about the pros and cons of the idea. Because assembling a PC yourself is not an easy thing to do and it is very responsible.

Among the pluses are that you can fully control the purchase and installation of all the parts yourself. You can make a really powerful computer and it will usually be cheaper than buying an off-the-shelf PC. Also nowadays the prices of graphics cards have dropped and it is more profitable to build a PC. Also when you build it yourself you can work on the design of your PC, connect the lights, make art or something else. You can also put all the add-ons you need, like wifi or bluetooth.

The main disadvantage of building the PC yourself is that there is too big a risk to break something carelessly. The thing is that most of the parts in a PC are very fragile and you can break them. You also need to choose parts which fit together. If you make a mistake somewhere, you will have to buy a new piece.

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What to look for when building your own PC?

If you have already decided that you need to build your PC, I would start by roughly determining what components you need and what your budget is. After that move on to looking for parts, you should pay attention to the hardware manufacturer and user reviews.

After that, try to use special sites where you can check whether your hardware fits together. The first thing you should pay attention to is whether you can connect all your components to the motherboard. It is also very important to choose the right power supply. This will determine whether or not your PC has enough power.

Also pay attention to the size of your PC body. The fact is that many parts such as graphics cards may take up a lot of space and you should take care of this when you choose accessories for your future computer. The last important part of your PC is proper cooling. If you want a really powerful computer then buy water cooling. If you follow these recommendations you will be able to build a quality device which will work for a long time and without problems.



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