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How to enable or disable dark mode on Twitch

Here's how you can easily enable or disable dark mode on Twitch.

How to freeze the chat on Twitch

If you often watch popular streams, then you know the situation when hundreds of messages arrive in the chat room per second. For this, Twitch has a special function that "freezes" the chat.

How to fix Twitch isn’t loading in Google Chrome

Want to watch a stream of your favorite game, but Twitch isn't loading in your Google Chrome? Don't despair. You can fix the problem using these simple instructions.

How to add alerts to OBS

Want to see donation alerts and other notifications on your stream? Here's what you should do to add them to OBS.

Here’s how to check your followers on Twitch

Twitch is a platform where people gather an audience and do everything to entertain, communicate and share emotions, options, etc. When you have an...

How to change your username color on Twitch

A nickname on any platform is your individual identifier among other users. It must be unique. The same applies to a platform like Twitch....

How to delete or deactivate your Twitch account

Some Twitch users eventually get tired of the content that is streamed there and think about stopping watching or streaming on the service. However,...

How to change your Twitch username

Indeed, Twitch users are able to change their nicknames. Since the username is a business card of the channel, the change of the name...

How to create a clip on Twitch in a few steps

Developers of Twitch presented to the public a special option "Clips" to implement such an idea. Previously, players had to download special apps -...

Can you stream Nintendo Switch to Twitch explained

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console that provides a unique gaming experience that other big competitors like Sony or Microsoft can't offer....