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AndroidHow to fix Android phone not connecting to Bluetooth earbuds

How to fix Android phone not connecting to Bluetooth earbuds

From time to time all Android smartphones have problems with the headphone’s wireless connection, both the well-known brand of stability – Samsung, and relatively young brands from China: Xiaomi, Meizu, Honor, and Huawei. Any Android smartphone has almost equal risks of a problem.

It’s impossible to say why the earbuds don’t connect to the device, the reason is visible only after a complete diagnosis of the device. To be able to easily navigate the possible causes of the problem and ways to fix it, you need to first check the earbuds, and then with the Android device.

How do Bluetooth earbuds are working

The Bluetooth protocol was invented to connect nearby devices wirelessly. There have been many versions during its existence, from the initial 1.0 to the most modern today 5.0, and 5.1 is already on the way. The main direction of progress is to increase the range, and data transfer rate and reduce power consumption.

For comparison: Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as fast as the previous version 4.2, and the range has increased fourfold (theoretically up to 100 m). But for listening to MP3 music from your smartphone, Bluetooth 4 is excellent: the sound source is always nearby, and channel bandwidth doesn’t matter much. If you need compact headphones (“plugs” or plug-in earbuds), neither radio nor IR models will do any good. However, with Bluetooth, they are enough, and they are inexpensive.

Another example is, of course, the Apple AirPods, a popular earpiece for iPhone owners. They are valued for their compatibility with Apple products and their high quality in all categories: comfort, sound, charging, etc.

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Can a docking station cause earbuds not connecting

Let’s see what are the reasons that relate directly to the earbuds. First of all, make sure that the earbuds are charged enough to be able to connect to your smartphone. If suddenly they don’t charge from the case, or the battery in the TWS modules quickly runs down, then you’ll probably need to seek help in a service center or in-store where you bought a device.

Many models are designed in such a way that they turn on as soon as you take them out of the case. As a result, we automatically take them out and put them in our ears, when in fact the docking station has long since run out of power and the earbuds just don’t work.

Were your wireless earbuds turned on beforehand

Also, a very popular mistake or inaccuracy of some users, who forget about the fact that it’s necessary to manually turn on the earbuds after you have dragged them out of the case.

For some wireless earbuds, this is a very important moment of operation – they need to be turned on manually to synchronize them and go into standby mode for connection to the smartphone.

Depending on the model, the earbuds can be activated by a button on the inside or outside of the case. Or you can press the function key or the touch sensor on the earbuds themselves.

How to disconnect wireless earbuds from another device

Another common reason for a smartphone not being able to find and connect to Bluetooth earbuds is that they are actively connected to another device – smartphone, laptop, TV, etc.

Most models are designed so that they automatically remember the last gadget with which they worked. And immediately after turning it on, they connect to it, if this device has a Bluetooth module enabled. By the way, the simultaneous connection to multiple users can also cause sound stuttering in wireless earbuds.

That’s why you should first disconnect them in the settings from another smartphone or laptop or simply turn off the Bluetooth on it. After that, you can try to find the wireless earbuds in the list of devices to connect again.

How to reset wireless earbuds to factory settings

If none of the above helps, try performing a complete factory reset of the earbuds. So that they forget their disruption of the setup. Generally speaking, this is the first action that’s recommended in case of any issues.

  • To do this, remove the earbuds from the smartphone with the “Forget device” button.
  • Then simultaneously press the function buttons or hold your finger on the sensor for about 5 seconds. The earbuds will first turn on most often with red lights, and then turn off.
  • Next, repeat the action, but already hold down the buttons for 10-15 seconds. At first, they will turn on with a characteristic sound from the speakers. Don’t let go and continue to hold your fingers on the sensor or press the buttons until there are two double beeps with a short break.
  • Then all the indication goes out and the earbuds turn off again – put them back in the case. This is enough to erase the settings and return to the factory settings.

Now your earbuds are as good as new again – at least they should work at their default settings.

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How to disconnect other earbuds from the device

There’s no exception that a few bugs are related to the phone itself causing it not to see or connect to wireless earbuds or speakers. The most common situation is when the smartphone is already connected to other earbuds or an audio device via Bluetooth.

The fact is that most models can only work with one audio device at a time. And as we already know, when Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone, it can automatically connect to the last earbuds pair or speaker on which it was playing music.

So you need to first:

  • Go into the Bluetooth settings on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS and disable the current connection.
  • Or delete the earbuds or speakers from memory altogether.
  • You can then connect your laptop or smartphone to the desired wireless earbuds.

It occurs not too often, however, it still happens that due to some errors in the operating system the device doesn’t let you forget the memory of a particular headphone or wireless speaker. And every time it connects to them via Bluetooth but doesn’t see the others. Then you can try to reset the device to the factory settings.



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