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GuidesHow to disable "OK, Google" command

How to disable “OK, Google” command

Phones, nowadays, have a wide range of features. For instance, they’re able to respond to voice commands. This gives you a variety of opportunities, you can do everything without special efforts. Sometimes, users get frustrated with this feature, so they want to disable it. The information below will give some tips on how to do that.

There are two primary methods of turning off Ok Google on your device. One option — perhaps the more obvious one — doesn’t actually stop your phone from listening for commands; it only prevents it from reacting to them. The other does fully prevent listening but also removes other device functionality you might want to keep.

How to disable the Google Assistant and Voice Match

The steps which are mentioned below will help you to make Google stop listening, but that isn’t really the case. Voice Match is a feature that lets your phone react to “Ok Google” commands even when the screen is off. However, if you want to get rid of it, there are some options to turn it off and even to disable the Google Assistant entirely.

To do that using the Google app, you should do the following steps:

  • First of all, you should click on the icon on the bottom row that’s three horizontal lines, after that, you should select Settings. On the next screen, under Google Assistant, you should find and click on Settings again.
  • Next, scroll down to find Devices an there you should click on Phone. You’ll see the option to turn off Access with Voice Match will be displayed. It’s a feature that lets Google always react on “Ok Google.” After you switch off Voice Match, voice commands will still be working, but only on your device’s home screen. If you want to go a step further, you can disable the Google Assistant altogether, but this will also disable accessing its functionality, not just voice.
  • If either of these toggles were on before, though, your phone still reacts to “Ok Google” the first few times you say it after turning them off by asking if you’d like to switch either Google Assistant or Voice Match back on. It’s still listening without being asked to. You can access these settings from your phone’s settings menu and the Google Home app.

If you just want to get rid of your phone lighting up when you try to ask your Google Home a question, this solution will be good for you. In case, if your purpose is more privacy-focused, though, it’s probably not enough.

How to deny Google microphone permission

In case if you want to completely stop Google from monitoring your phone’s microphone activity, the only way is to revoke the app’s microphone permission. To do that, you should follow some steps below:

  • First of all, you should fire up your settings app, either from the Settings icon in your app drawer or the little gear in the corner of the quick settings panel.
  • After that, you should find and click on Apps & notifications.
  • Then, you should tap on Google. Usually, it may be found near the top of the list, but if you didn’t find it there, you should try to find it with the magnifying glass in the corner.
  • After that, when you get to the App info screen for Google, you should select Permissions.
  • Then, you should click on the button next to Microphone, then Deny anyway on the warning that will be displayed.
  • And here you are, Google can’t hear you anymore.

All in all, the process isn’t as complicated as you may think. Hope the article was helpful for you.



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