As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to change password manager on Android

You can save your usernames, passwords, and other data that you might need to enter into forms on the web and in apps on Android smartphones. Google autofill service is the default, but you can use others if you want.

What do you need to change password manager on Android

Autofill passwords are extremely handy. Despite the fact that this tool originally appeared on iOS, Google quite quickly realized that Android also needs it, and implemented it in its own place. However, the search giant has turned out far from as cool as Apple, but users who didn’t have this, too, were happy.

However, at some point, Google realized that it would be nice to make everything as convenient as Apple. So when creating Android 11, the developers took this aspect into account and built an autofill button right into the keyboard.

You can use third-party software to embed a password autofill button in the keyboard like on Android 11. However, you should keep in mind that, since we’re talking about passwords, the interface utility isn’t enough here.

For this purpose, you have to use a password manager, which, firstly, supports keyboard autofill, and, secondly, has a full range of security mechanisms, so that others cannot steal your login data and use them for their own purposes.

Anyway, if you want to change the password manager on your Android device, you have to know that this is pretty simple to do. Well, here’s how you can do it.

What is autofill passwords and why do you need it

Autofill is a handy feature that allows your device to automatically fill in your information with forms and user credential fields. Similar to password managers, which can fill in the information in other apps and websites with data you’ve provided in the past, Google’s Autofill service can take away the annoying and time-consuming work of filling in forms.

Google already has its own password management service, which the Android Autofill tool uses to enter your username and password into various apps and websites. It can work with other similar services and tools, such as password managers.

If you use the Chrome browser on your smartphone, that’s where you save your autofill information. On Android, you must use one of these services as an autofill service so that the information is also available on your smartphone.

How to change password manager on an Android device

If you want to change the password manager on your Android device, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the “Settings” app on your Android smartphone.
  • After that, scroll down to the “Passwords & accounts” section.
  • Then, in the “Autofill service” section, select whichever service.
  • Finally, choose one of the services listed. Usually, these are browsers or third-party password managers that you have installed.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to change the password manager on your Android device.

You should also be aware that not every Android smartphone supports various autofill features. Some may only be customized for Google’s service.

What is Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager that is distributed free of charge. Dashlane is a zero-disclosure app. This means that your confidential information is stored on the developer’s servers in encrypted form, and its employees have no way to access this data. This is great, of course, but, on the other hand, the master password recovery feature isn’t available in this case.

Installing Dashlane and making it the default password manager won’t disable Google Chrome’s built-in password manager. So don’t be surprised if the browser will be the first to prompt you to use its own autofill data when you try to log in.

Dashlane is an independent password manager that is independent of Google. Therefore, you will now have to save all your authorization data in it if you want to continue to enjoy autocompletion from the keyboard.

In addition, in order to synchronize logins and passwords between different devices, including your PC, you will need to install a companion app for the desktop. Only in this case, the manager will work in conjunction regardless of the platform. Another thing is that no one will stop you from continuing to use Google Chrome.



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