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How does a TV with a 60 Hz refresh rate show a 120 Hz game console video

Gaming consoles are improving and many games support 120 fps video output. However, there is a dilemma for many users: “Does 60Hz TV support 120 fps video settings on your game console?”. Obviously, in case your TV supports 120 Hz – there would be no problem. However, if your TV only supports 60 Hz or 75 Hz, there is a question about the picture quality you will get.

So, if you’re wondering about such a question – this article will help you understand how things work in modern TVs/monitors.

Can you play 120 Hz game console with 60 Hz TV/Monitor?

Let’s look at a few possible scenarios. You have a PS5 game console and a monitor that supports 60Hz pictures. There is a very big difference in what kind of TV/monitor you have, namely what technologies it supports. Depending on that, you can play at 120Hz or not.

In order for your TV to work with a game console that has 120Hz video installed, the TV must necessarily support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). This feature is implemented in HDMI 2.1 ports, but many manufacturers have started adding VRR to 2.0 ports. VRR, by the way, isn’t a hardware feature, it can be added by the manufacturer on the software level.

Can you play PS5 120 Hz with an old 60 Hz TV/monitor?

If you have a TV manufactured before 2019, it probably doesn’t have VRR. In this case, there are two possible ways how the thing will work (or won’t work):

  • Your TV won’t show anything, it will have a black screen or an ‘incompatible video’ message.
  • Your TV will show the video, but some frames will simply be ignored (every second frame). In this case, you won’t notice any difference between the 60 Hz and 120 Hz settings.

Can you play PS5 120 Hz with a new 60 Hz TV/monitor?

If you have a new TV with VRR support, such as Samsung AU9000, then you can play games in a 120 Hz set on your PS5 or Xbox.

For example, Samsung has combined several tech features and called it Motion Xcelerator Turbo mode. In this case, when Motion Xcelerator Turbo mode is enabled, the TV will show a smoother video, the gameplay will be more enjoyable. And below I will explain how it works in more detail.

How does a 60 Hz TV work with a 120 Hz game console

In fact, a TV with a 60 Hz display can show video at a higher frequency, the 60 Hz parameter is conditional, the manufacturer guarantees that at 60 Hz the image will be stable without visible artifacts or freezes.

When the TV or monitor is receiving VRR-enabled video via HDMI, the TV synchronizes with the game console in terms of video display speed. The display quality and the TV’s software can ensure that the video is displayed at 75 Hz or 90 Hz, for example.

Simply, that means that VRR synchronizes the PS5 and the TV. Although the console is set to 120 Hz, it adjusts to the TV. Depending on the TV’s capabilities, the console outputs video at a floating frequency, certainly over 60 Hz. Obviously, the gaming process will be smoother because of the higher frame rate on the TV or monitor.

However, keep in mind that a 120 Hz TV will show video games better because the frame rate will be maximum in that case.



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