As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What TVs support Spectrum app: Full list

Today’s Smart TVs companies surprise the world with their choices. Since the demand for this product hasn’t dropped for decades, the companies only provide the public with new products. Today, Smart TV isn’t just about watching cable television.

With Smart TV, you have a lot of new things to do. Especially when you consider the ability to watch streaming services on your Smart TV. At the moment there are even more Streaming services than you need, so you can choose the best and more profitable for you, such as the Spectrum app. This is probably the most profitable option at the moment.

What is the Spectrum app

In fact, this streaming service isn’t as popular as its other competitors, such as Netflix or Paramount apparently. However, in spite of this, this service has its own fans and users, which today aren’t a few. Spectrum app has earned the trust of its users because it gives its members conditions that are different from others. That is, the company Spectrum provides telecommunications services to the population.

After Spectrum has gained the trust of its customers, it launched the service Spectrum app. That is, having access to this service you can watch a lot of video content. Their goal is to give their customers to watch their favorite shows, movies, and TV shows at any point where it’s possible to connect to the Wi-Fi. To learn more about the conditions of this service you can read the article about what is a Spectrum app and then you can understand how it works.

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How the Spectrum app works and how much it costs

Spectrum app is a streaming service. This app isn’t just for watching video content on the go. For many people, though, that’s already enough. Some people need more than that from a streaming service because they get access to their favorite show right on the subway. Other people find it convenient because there is something to entertain the kids in traffic. So a lot of users use the Spectrum app on their iPhone or iPad because they always have it with them.

If you don’t already do so, learn how to get the Spectrum app on iPhone and iPad. There are many other things you can do with the app that will enhance your home TV viewing experience. You can use the Spectrum app to watch live and on-demand programs from any supported device. Also, mark your most watched channels for a quick search, and manage your DVR settings. Watch video content on any supported Smart TV without paying for a cable set-top box.

In the app, you will be able to access almost the entire lineup of TV channels. However, depending on your data plan and settings, you will generally be able to access 125+ to 200+ channels. To learn more about all of Spectrum’s services you can visit their official website. Now for many people, the most interesting thing is the question of price, because when people hear about the Spectrum app’s capabilities they expect different things. The Spectrum app is completely free.

However, you must be a Spectrum TV customer to access the app, which may entail other Spectrum rates and fees. The app can be used by Spectrum TV customers of all levels, whether you’re a minimalist in the Spectrum Select plan or like the broader selection of channels offered by the Spectrum Silver or Gold TV plan.

Does the Spectrum app have family access

You have the option to download the Spectrum TV app to multiple devices. So, for example, you can install the app on all of your smart TVs as well as on each family member’s smartphone. You can also create Spectrum user names for each member of your family so everyone can customize their own Spectrum TV viewing experience.

In addition, you can set up parental controls. This is a setting you can control on each device, turn on and off. So for the whole family to use this streaming service, Spectrum has created good opportunities. Especially advantageous is the fact that this is also included in the price.

What Smart TV are Compatible with the Spectrum TV app

Fortunately for many people, the Spectrum TV app is supported on many smart TVs. You can gather as a family or alone after a day of work to enjoy live streaming, access a wealth of on-demand content, cloud DVR, or any of the 80 TV network apps. You can also customize your DVR settings and schedule upcoming recordings.

It’s especially cool to enjoy all this free content on a big smart TV. Since it’s so much more convenient than watching on your iPhone or iPad, which also supports the Spectrum TV app. If you go back to the issue of TVs that are compatible with the Spectrum TV app, it’s currently only 2 companies’ TVs:

  • Samsung. This company’s TVs support the Spectrum TV app. Only those smart TVs that were released in 2012 and later. Almost most of the smart TVs are currently represented in Samsung’s catalog. Follow the link and set filters to find a smart TV that suits you in all respects.
  • Vizio. It’s also a Vizio Smart TV that allows you to download the apps you prefer. You can install the Spectrum TV app on your Vizio Smart TV to stream your favorite content. You can find more instructions on how to download Spectrum App on Vizio Smart TV in another post.

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What other devices support the Spectrum app in addition to the TV

In addition to viewing on Smart TV, using other devices to view Spectrum app video content is no less popular. The Spectrum TV app isn’t limited to a few devices. You have the ability to use the Spectrum TV app on these devices:

  • Amazon Devices. The Spectrum TV app can be used on all Amazon devices. Except for the first-generation Kindle Fire version. All subsequent versions of the Kindle Fire support the Spectrum TV app.
  • Xbox One. Spectrum TV App can be used on all versions of Xbox One. You can also learn how to install the Spectrum app on Xbox.
  • Roku. You should have no problem downloading the Spectrum app on Roku only if you don’t have the first version of Roku. All devices except the first generation support the Spectrum app.
  • iOS Devices. All devices with iOS 11 or higher support the Spectrum app.
  • Android Devices. All smartphones and tablets running on Android 5.0 or higher support the Spectrum TV app.

So there is no problem with downloading the Spectrum app both on smart TV and on other devices by active users. In return, you can have access to quality video content if you install the Spectrum app on your device.



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