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GuidesWhat are good 70-inch TVs you can buy?

What are good 70-inch TVs you can buy?

The best 70-inch TV offers many features, from a very large screen to smart features and functions, and this unique size is great when you need something a little bigger than the 65-inch model, but not much bigger.

What 70inch TVs are up to date

There aren’t really many 70-inch models offered compared to popular 65-inch or 75-inch TVs, but the best 70-inch TVs have many of the same features you’ll find in more mainstream counterparts. Features like smart features for apps and streaming, as well as 4K resolution for crisp images and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for great contrast.

First, you need to decide – do you want a 70-inch TV? We recommend watching a 70-inch TV from a distance of 5.4 to 6.25 feet. This distance and larger screen size make them a great choice for the family room, living room, or home theater.

Typically, 70-inch TVs aren’t that popular, and people are more likely to focus on the 65-inch versions, which have the same features and performance. When a manufacturer makes a great 65-inch TV, expect a similar 70-inch model to be just as good, so this review is based on experience with smaller TVs.

Since there aren’t many 70-inch TVs on the market, your choices will be more limited if you choose this size over a 65- or 75-inch TV.

What about other most profitable 70inch TVs

Vizio V-Series V705-H13

Screen SizeWeightRefresh rateScreen TypeHDMI PortsSize+
70 inch52.7 lbs60 HzLCD3 (1 ARC)61.8 x 35.7 x 2.7 inchesSuper affordable price; Good communication; Good response for gamersLow brightness; weak sound
Technical Specifications / Pros and Cons

The 70-inch Vizio V-Series V705-H13 TV is very profitable while still delivering quality images. With exceptional affordability, decent intelligence from the Vizio SmartCast software, and great gaming capabilities, it’s a fantastic deal even when it’s not on sale – which it often is, with big discounts happening throughout the year.

Samsung TU7000 Crystal UHD TV (UN70TU7000FXZA)

Screen SizeScreen TypeRefresh rateHDMI PortsSizeWeight+
70 inchLCD60 Hz2 (1 ARC)61.9 x 34.4 x 2.4 inches53.4 lbsGood contrast; Lots of application; Low latencyNot very bright; Only 2 HDMI ports
Technical Specifications / Pros and Cons

The Samsung name on the TV is an indication of the quality you get when watching it, and the UN70TU7000FXZA fits that profile. While the TU7000 isn’t as impressive as its line of QLED TVs, it delivers nice blacks and overall contrast. It has very little lag time, making it a great choice for gamers who don’t want the TV to be a weak link in fast-paced games. The TV also comes with Samsung’s Smart TV Tizen operating system, which means access to a host of streaming apps.

Insignia 4K Fire TV Edition NS-70DF710NA21

Screen SizeScreen TypeRefresh rateHDMI PortsSizeWeight+
70 inchLCD60 Hz3 (1 ARC)62.4 x 35.2 x 3.6 inches51.4 lbsAvailable 4K Smart TV; HDR support; built-in Alexa voice assistantNo far-field microphones for annoying Alexa ads
Technical Specifications / Pros and Cons

For Amazon Fire fans, the Insignia 4K Fire TV Edition will fit in perfectly and be one of the best 70-inch TVs you can buy if you’re looking for a good deal. With a good color gamut and HDR support, the Insignia Fire TV exceeds expectations. The device also produces better sound than many modern televisions. The Fire TV operating system has all the benefits of Amazon’s familiar interface and, of course, it has Alexa built-in, so you can use your voice to navigate and play content.

LG UHD 70 Series (70UN7070PUA)

Screen SizeScreen TypeRefresh rateHDMI PortsSizeWeight+
70 inchLCD60 Hz3 (1 ARC)62.1 x 35.9 x 3.6 inches67.7 lbsLow latency and ALLM support; Full-featured backlight; Intelligent WebOS platformNo support for Dolby Vision or HDR10+; Low brightness; Very heavy
Technical Specifications / Pros and Cons

If you put a little thought into what you want from your TV, you can enjoy your purchase for years to come.

First, decide if you prefer a 70-inch model. You’ll find more options in 65- and 75-inch models, with more features and sometimes a better price.

Expect to pay about $650 to $700 for most 70-inch TVs, although TVs with better features or a well-known brand name may cost more.

Think about what ports you need and how many. The number of HDMI ports you need depends on how many devices you plan to connect, such as a streaming thumb drive, game console, or cable set-top box. Most of these TVs have three HDMI inputs, although the Samsung TU7000 only has two. If you plan to use a soundbar, you may need an optical digital audio output or an optional 3.5mm output. You may also need a TV with Bluetooth support so you can listen to music on headphones without disturbing others.



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