As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Uber is going to add ads to their app

Adding ads to their services is gaining popularity among various services. Only recently, Netflix reported that they would soon create another plan with advertisements, as Uber’s cab and delivery service also announced the addition of advertising inserts.

Uber has stated that they soon plan to add advertising to their Uber and Uber Eats platforms. Thus, different brands can use Uber’s platform to promote their services and products. The ad units will be called “Journey Ads,” They will appear during rides to attract your attention.

Also, other types of advertising inserts will appear in the Uber Eats app. For example, sponsored ads and home page billboards will allow you to put your business in a more prominent place and reach more users.

Of course, Uber can potentially use many other types of ads. For example, ads in the middle of menus, ads after checkout, and display ads in storefronts. These can be explicitly applied to Uber Eats. On the other hand, Journey Ads are the only option for the basic Uber app.

So far, the company has not commented on the possibility of savings through advertising. The fact is that when other services like YouTube or Netflix are running ads, they allow users to save money by paying less for a subscription if they watch commercials. So far, it is not clear whether something similar will happen in Uber. However, it looks like we won’t be expecting such a move from Uber anytime soon, and your next ride or your next food delivery order will probably cost the same, except that you will see ads everywhere.

There’s no timeline for when we’ll start seeing ads in the Uber apps, but since some pilot programs are already up and running, we can expect them to start working sooner rather than later.



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