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Roku TV

How to add Netflix to Roku

Would you like to add your Netflix account to Roku? Let's do it together.

How to manage Roku subscriptions

This article is more about Roku subscriptions.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Roku TV

Do you want to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Rock TV? Let me show you how.

Here’s how to use Roku TV without Wi-Fi

Want to watch Roku TV without Wi-Fi? Here's how.

How to change the source on TCL TV

Need to change the input source on your TCL TV? Here's how you can do this.

Roku remote volume not working – here’s how to fix

The Roku set-top box is a handy, modern media streaming device that allows you to search through a vast array of online video resources...

What are the best browsers for Roku

Just ten years ago cable TV was still popular, but now with the development of the Internet and streaming platforms, it has become much...

How to watch Live TV on Roku device or Roku TV

Roku is a device (developed by Roku) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the Internet to your TV. The devices require...

How to update Roku TV or Roku device in a few steps

Today, quite a large number of people use special devices for streaming. After all, everything is Internet-oriented, and cable television is gradually being abandoned....

How to disconnect your Roku TV from WiFi

Roku is a device that allows you to watch media files from the Internet on your TV. The device requires minimal setup and an...