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GuidesHere's how to use Roku TV without Wi-Fi explained

Here’s how to use Roku TV without Wi-Fi explained

With the development of technology and the rate of consumption of information, more and more new inventions and devices make life easier. But not so long ago people had only two sources of information – newspapers, and television.

Just a decade ago, many people could wait hours for their favorite show because everything was scheduled at a certain time. Cable TV is a thing of the past, replaced by streaming services. They all require an Internet connection.

Roku was one of the first companies to move in this direction. However, the company started off in 2008 by introducing a line of digital media players, and at the time, the first iteration was developed in partnership with Netflix.

So they created a completely new device that allowed 720p playback and also supported SD formats. More importantly, the device was capable of receiving automatic updates over the air to improve the software. There was also the option of adding new “channels” for other video services.

In order to understand whether you can use Roku TV without Wi-Fi, then you need to understand how Roku devices in general work and which is better to choose when buying.

IS it possible to use Roku without Wi-Fi

In simple words, Roku TV allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies for free or for money using the Internet. Through Roku, you can easily access a myriad of streaming services such as Sling TV, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and various others.

You can also easily install the Roku app on your phone and stream content from there by logging into your account beforehand.

Most of the content you watch through Roku is pre-recorded, but there are services that allow you to watch shows recorded literally days ago. In order to have access to the platform, you need to get a Roku TV box. It’s a streaming device that turns any standard TV into a smart device, allowing you to access a range of different apps and control them through the dedicated remote, or an application that was specifically designed for Roku.

Here are some of them:

  • The Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus+

As it is obvious now, Roku must have a connection with the Internet, otherwise, you will not be able to use it for its intended purpose because Roku will not be able to access information and stream video to your device.

Yes, in theory, it is possible to use other methods and avoid the Internet. For example, several Roku devices have an Ethernet port, and certain apps on Roku, such as Plex, allow you to download content from a Plex server directly on your home Ethernet network. But you will still need to have an Internet connection to be able to connect to the Roku device. i.e., the Internet must still be available during the first steps.

Once the device has been set up, you can get started. However, to stream content on Roku without the internet, you will need to build your own infrastructure, which is too much extra work.



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