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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Here’s how to use Roku TV without Wi-Fi

Are you a Roku TV user looking to stream your favorite shows and movies but don’t have access to WiFi? You may be traveling in a motorhome and don’t have a reliable internet connection, or you’re simply looking for alternative ways to use your device. Whatever the reason, there are ways to use Roku TV without WiFi.

The reliance on internet connectivity can sometimes pose a challenge, especially in areas with spotty WiFi coverage or when traveling. But fear not, as alternative Roku TV methods exist, from a mobile hotspot to playing media from a USB drive.

Although Roku TV has the Roku operating system, it is designed for Roku Internet services. Nevertheless, you can watch TV without the Internet. To do this, there are several standard features, such as:

  • Watch TV programs through the built-in digital tuner.
  • Watching video via HDMI
  • Watching video via USB
  • Mirror your smartphone screen on the TV.

Use a mobile hotspot

A mobile hotspot allows you to use your smartphone as a wireless router, providing an internet connection for your Roku TV. This option requires a mobile data plan, and you should set up a hotspot on your phone and connect your Roku TV to it.

Remember that streaming content uses a lot of data, so monitor your data usage and adjust your plan accordingly.

If you have an Ethernet cable, you can connect your Roku TV directly to your modem or router to get a wired internet connection. This option doesn’t require WiFi and can provide a more stable connection for streaming content.

Use a USB drive

Built-in USB ports are a standard feature on several Roku models, including the Roku Ultra and older versions like the Roku HD-XR, Roku XDS, Roku 2 XS, Roku 3, and Roku 4. This feature lets users connect their Roku device directly to an external storage device.

So here’s how:

  • Download and install the Roku Media Player channel from Channel Store.
  • Then, connect the device to the USB port on Roku.
  • Open Roku Media Player from the home screen.
  • Finally, select something you want to play.

The content will start playing on your Roku.

Specific Roku models come equipped with a microSD card slot, which allows users to increase the device’s internal memory capacity and store additional data from channels and games. However, it is essential to note that you cannot download movies and TV shows directly from an SD card, unlike when using a USB stick.

Instead, the microSD card primarily stores additional content from channels and games the device supports. Nonetheless, with the added memory capacity, you can keep more content stored on your Roku player without worrying about running out of space. This can be especially helpful for avid Roku users who frequently access and stream content.

Use screen mirroring

Screen mirroring is another option for using Roku TV without WiFi. This feature enables users to wirelessly display the content on their smartphone or tablet on their Roku TV screen. To use screen mirroring, your smartphone or tablet must support this feature, and you must have a Roku device that supports screen mirroring.

  • Open the streaming service app on your smartphone or tablet and play the show or movie you want to watch on your TV.
  • Next, tap the AirPlay or Google Cast icon on your iPhone or Android and select your Roku device.
  • After synchronization, the image should appear on your TV screen.

Roku TV also includes a built-in tuner that allows you to watch over-the-air TV channels. This option doesn’t require an internet connection and can provide free access to local TV channels.

Download content for offline use

Another option for using Roku TV without Wi-Fi is by downloading offline content. Some channels and streaming services allow users to download content for offline viewing, which means you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without an internet connection.

To download offline content, open the channel or streaming service that you want to use and look for the option to download content. This option is usually indicated by a download icon next to the content you want to download. Click on the download icon, and the content will download to your Roku device.

Once the download is complete, you can watch the content offline by going to the “Downloads” section of the channel or streaming service. You can find and play your downloaded content here without an internet connection.

While downloading offline content is an excellent option for users without Wi-Fi, it’s worth noting that not all channels or streaming services offer this feature. Additionally, downloaded content takes up storage space on your Roku device, so monitor your device’s storage capacity to avoid running out of space.

Use an HDMI connection to a Roku TV

If there may be an internet disruption, you can always connect your laptop to your TV using the HDMI port. You can download your favorite shows or movies to your computer in advance. And then you can watch them on the big screen. 

As a rule, the laptop has a lot of memory, allowing you to download movies in good quality for viewing. 



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