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GuidesHow to manage subscriptions you've made via Roku

How to manage subscriptions you’ve made via Roku

Since streaming services have recently become a common phenomenon and channels have become quite abundant, it’s not surprising that people may not pay attention to how many subscriptions they have at a certain time. And then the time comes when you need to sort out the subscriptions and maybe even cancel the ones you don’t need.

Here you can find out which subscriptions you have previously subscribed to and how to cancel them. There is also information on how to find a particular subscription in the list.

How to view and manage Roku subscriptions via browser

If we’re talking about the quickest and most convenient way, it’s best to visit the Roku website and find out what channels you’re subscribed to, the subscription renewal date, and the terms of service for each channel.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Navigate to the Roku Account
  • Type in your credentials and sign in to the account
  • Choose Manage your subscriptions on the following page

After that, the site will show you a list of all subscriptions. There you will also see a list of all subscriptions that you’ve made through and billed by your Roku account. In addition, you can see the premium subscriptions listed under the indented ‘The Roku Channel’ section.

Moreover, to the right of each subscription there are buttons with three functions (depending on the subscription status), – unsubscribe, renew, and resubscribe. In case you choose to unsubscribe, you will no longer have access to a particular channel after your subscription expires. The renew option is only available for third-party subscriptions, while the resubscribe option is for premium subscriptions on the ‘The Roku Channel’ section.

How to view and manage Roku subscriptions via Roku Device

There is also an alternative way to check and manage your subscriptions is directly from the Roku device. Do the following:

  • Press the Home key on your remote to access the home screen
  • Navigate the channel lineup using the arrow buttons on your remote
  • Select the channel that you want to manage
  • Press the Star key. Alternatively, you can go to the channel store and choose Streaming Channels. Search for a particular channel or browse via genre or category and press the OK button
  • Choose Manage subscription from the dropdown menu. Right in this menu, you can check the renewal date and manage the subscription
  • And finally, select Unsubscribe if you want to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, you can just see the terms of that subscription and go back to the channel list

This method is slightly different from the one mentioned above because it doesn’t show all the channels that you’ve subscribed to in one place. The rest of your subscriptions will also be listed with the channels you haven’t subscribed to yet.

So if you want to be sure that you’re subscribed to a certain channel, you have to manually browse through each channel and see if there’s a Manage Subscriptions option available.

What to do if you can’t find a certain subscriptions

If you haven’t paid for a subscription through your Roku account, both the Roku website and the streaming device won’t allow you to manage it. This means that when you subscribe to a particular channel, you need to choose your Roku account as your payment method.

That is, if you haven’t signed up through your Roku account, there is a good chance that you will not see your subscription in the list provided.

For instance, if you subscribed directly from that certain channel’s service, you won’t be able to manage the subscription with your Roku account. In that case, you need to go to the channel’s service directly and manage the subscription from there.


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