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Microsoft Word

How to switch between Light and Dark modes in Microsoft Word

Can't switch between dark and light mode in Microsoft Word? Let me help you.

How to see character count in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Services is one of the best and most popular document services. This is especially true for the corporate segment. In particular, if...

How to disable track changes in Microsoft Word

If you're already bored with the Track Changes feature, you can easily disable it with this guide.

How to create hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Hyperlinks can be very useful in your document. Here's how you can easily add them.

How to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word

Sometimes you may need to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word. Here's how.

How to automatically add citations and bibliography in Microsoft Word

You can easily add citations and bibliography to your Microsoft Word document using these simple steps.

How to duplicate a page in Word

If your job is to write or edit text documents, then Microsoft Word is the way to go. This is an excellent word processor...

How to update Microsoft Word on Mac

If you use a recent version of Microsoft Word included as part of a Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) subscription or as a standalone...

How to save a word document as a JPEG

People use Microsoft Word for a variety of purposes. You can write research papers, do assignments for school or university, write resumes for future...