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Google slides

Google Docs and Google Slides got another update

Google released another update that affects Google Docs and Google Slides

How to change image transparency in Google Slides

Sometimes you need to change image transparency in your Google Slide presentation. But how to do this? Read on.

How to add or remove slides numbers in Google Slides

If you need to number slides in Google Slides, it's quite easy and fast. Moreover, the toolset of the application is wide enough and...

How to import slides from another presentation to Google Slides

Presentations have long been embedded in the lives of people around the world. There are many services that allow people to make presentations. Google...

How to adjust Google slides size

Is this your first time working in Google Slides? In order to do the task effectively, you need to know how to use this...

How to add animation to Google Slides

Does your Google Slides presentation look dull and boring? Are you looking for ways to spruce things up a bit? Adding animations and transitions...