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GuidesAre all Samsung TVs' power cords the same?

Are all Samsung TVs’ power cords the same?

Usually, devices that are made by one company are at least partially compatible. For example, you can probably use a charger from your smartphone with your tablet if they are from the same company. However, does this work in the case of Samsung TVs? Lately, I’ve seen more and more questions about power cables in Samsung TVs. Are they compatible with other Samsung TVs, and can I use a non-original line?

The short answers are YES and YES. Samsung makes pretty standard power cables for their TVs. So if you upgrade to a new TV, you can use the old cable. However, there are a few downsides to this solution. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Are there any differences between Samsung TVs’ power cords

As I described above, there is no noticeable difference in power cables between different Samsung TVs. Of course, if we are talking about more or less modern Samsung TVs. If you find a Samsung TV produced in 2005, the power cable might be different or even integrated. Those were slightly different times and production principles.

But modern Samsung TVs use the same power cable. This makes sense because there is no point in producing several different cables to power the TV. It would be inconvenient and too expensive. Especially since most TVs consume about the same amount of power, there is no need to produce cables with higher bandwidths.

I would also like to point out that you will not find external power supplies on Samsung TVs. I don’t remember a single Samsung TV with an external power supply. They are usually built-in and inside your TV, which is quite convenient because you do not have to think about where to hide that annoying box.

What power cord using in Samsung TV?

If you decide to search for information about power cables in Samsung TV, you will find that Samsung TV has always used two types of power cables (one of which you will hardly find, as it was in older models). So if you decide to power a Samsung TV, you will need the following:

A standard power cord for most modern TVs and other devices cable with a three-pin plug. This cord has a “C13” plug on one end and a “C14” receptacle on the other. This cable is used as a power cable in most countries worldwide.
If you have a Samsung TV manufactured in 2010 or earlier, it may be equipped with an older version of this cord. It will have a “C19” plug on one end and a “C13” jack on the other.

Before using the cable, you should ensure it will fit your Samsung TV. Of course, since you only need it to supply power, it doesn’t seem to make any difference in which cable you use, but this is not always the case.

Can you use your power cord with Samsung TV?

Of course, you can use any third-party cable with your Samsung TV. If the connector on your cord fits into the TV port, then that cable is ready to use. However, there are a few cable requirements that I would recommend you check before connecting your Samsung TV.

First, I would not recommend using a very old or damaged cable. This is because this cable will be transmitting electricity at quite high voltages. This means that if it is old or damaged, you risk at least a short circuit that can break your Samsung TV and, at most, a fire in your living room.

However, for example, you do not have to worry about its length. If you need a long cable, you can safely buy a cable of any length at the Samsung store or on Amazon. As I mentioned, you only need it to transmit electricity, not signals or information, so it doesn’t matter how long or thick it is.



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