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ComputingSamsung Galaxy Tab S8+ sells at 30% off

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ sells at 30% off

Are you thinking about getting an Android tablet? I can recommend that you look at Samsung tablets. They are one of the most prominent players on the market, only the iPads are more popular than them, but they have their niche. Especially now you can buy a Samsung tablet with a good discount.

The website Woot offers a reasonably significant discount on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 +. You can buy it at a 32% discount until October 23 or until stock ends. That means you’ll pay $609.99 instead of $899.99. There are some restrictions, however, as you can’t choose the bundle.

So you can buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ with 128GB of memory in pink. It will also have a 12.4″ AMOLED screen, Wi-Fi 6E, a Snapdragon processor, and an Android operating system. In addition, the tablet package will receive a stylus S Pen. The screen resolution of this tablet is 2800 by 1752 pixels.

In addition, you also will be able to expand storage up to 1 TB capacity with microSD. If you order it today, you can get it on October 26-28. Also worth noting is that there is a limit of orders per customer. One account can buy no more than ten tablets. This restriction is because the price is meager.



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