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GuidesQN90B vs QN90A Samsung TV short review

QN90B vs QN90A Samsung TV short review

Samsung TVs are some of the most popular TVs in the world. They’re known for their quality and affordability, as well as the variety of models. You can really find a model that is right for you. Since TVs are quite a sought-after segment of electronics, new TV models are announced every year.

In 2022, Samsung released a new QN90B TV model, this TV model replaces the 2021 QN90A model. These models belong to the line of Neo QLED 4K Smart TV. From other TV models, they are distinguished by the use of mini LED-backlit displays, as well as other significant characteristics.

If you’re trying to figure out which model is right for you and whether it’s worth overpaying for a newer Samsung TV model, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s more on the difference between the Samsung QN90A and QN90B.

What is the difference between QN90A and QN90B Samsung TV models?

At the end of spring 2021, Samsung launched its first Neo QLED TVs with an active matrix and mini LED backlight. The list of innovations and improvements includes deeper blacks like OLED screens, increased brightness of peak highlights and a thinner screen.

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED is a premium 4K TV. Thanks to 14-bit processing, it offers higher picture quality than its predecessor and raises the potential of Neo QLED display technology even higher. Manufacturers like to advertise the improvements in the image the TV produces, achieved through improved video processing.

Samsung’s QN90B TV has impressive features that deliver exceptional 4K streaming or gaming at 120 Hz. If you prioritize picture quality in all environments and don’t mind its rather high price, then this model is for you.

Below you will see a more detailed comparison of these models according to such criteria:

  • Design
  • Image quality
  • Sound
  • Price

Well, let’s get started.

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What is the design difference between QN90A and QN90B Samsung TV models?

The QN90A Series features an elegant NeoSlim design with a “sand black” stand and titanium black front panel. The curved plate stand is a center support that is screwed centrally to the back of the TV. The stand allows only 2.4 inches of clearance between the top of the support plate and the bottom of the frame. Because of this, some speakers may not fit there.

QN90A / Samsung

The base plate protrudes in front of the screen about 3.8 inches. The QN90A TV design offers an ultra-thin frame framing all four sides of the screen. The frame is just over 6 mm thick. The back is made of a nice-looking matte black textured plastic with a small convex arc starting at the edge of the bezel and extending to the middle of the screen. The significantly smaller thickness of the Mini LED backlight allowed reducing the overall thickness of the Samsung QN90A TV.

The Samsung QN90B TV looks modern and looks almost the same as the previous year’s QN90A series. Its front panels are thin, measuring about half a centimeter all around, including at the bottom, where some manufacturers tend to increase the height to accommodate other components.

QN90B / Samsung

Thanks to the near-zero gap and smooth surface, the bezels blend in almost perfectly with the edges of the panel. When viewing darker content with lots of black, the frames almost completely disappear. The Samsung logo and IR receiver are placed on a small ledge on the bottom right side of the TV. This is somewhat out of character with Samsung’s perfectly symmetrical design.

The Samsung QN90B TV has concealed cable routing, offering four cutouts that run along the bottom of the back panel. This is very effective for hiding the power cord, which connects to the right side of the TV, and running it through the back to the power outlet on the left side of the TV. This can also be used for thin HDMI and audio cables. The TV stand is centered, weighted and fairly compact, and allows users to place the TV on small surfaces.

What image quality has Samsung QN90A?

The QN90A produces a superior image. The thin, miniature LED backlight makes the image more malleable and almost three-dimensional. The black color is sensational. It’s similar to OLED in depth and almost perfect in uniformity. In regular TV programs and movies, the Samsung QN90A is bright enough not to lose picture quality in bright daylight.

Another contributor to the incredible black levels in Samsung’s latest TV is its anti-glare screen, which is really great at suppressing ambient light reflections. Direct light sources can cause a dim “iridescence” effect in the dark areas, but this is less distracting than the usual bright glare of reflected light.

The display quality of HDR content isn’t only subjectively impressive, but also shows how critical brightness is to the perception of HDR. Through a combination of very high brightness, excellent black levels and the use of quantum dots, the QN90A reproduces truly impressive colors in a huge range of “levels”. Moreover, the subtlety of the color reproduction is mesmerizing.

What image quality has Samsung QN90B?

The Samsung QN90B TV is impressive, to say the least. Whether you’re watching YouTube, streaming channels, or playing 4K games, it delivers superb picture quality. Even the auto/smart mode looks great, with no excessive sharpening or contrast. Compared to OLED displays, black levels aren’t as deep, but in turn, you can expect good brightness.

If you plan to use this TV in a heavily lit room, that extra brightness will be noticeable. Combine it with the anti-glare properties of the panel, and you can forget about reflections even on sunny days. Scaling to 4K is now more efficient. SD content makes an impression. Text is much sharper and soft edges look sharper.

The latest Samsung QN90 models use Neo QLED “Quantum Matrix Technology. This technology is based on mini LEDs (40 times smaller than traditional LEDs). This helps to reproduce better HDR content with deeper shades of black, better highlights and detail. Interestingly, like previous models, Dolby Vision is still missing. Netflix can only be watched with HDR10. However, the TV does support HDR10+ Adaptive and HDR10+ Gaming.

What is the sound difference between QN90A and QN90B Samsung TV models?

The QN90A sounds good or even very good. With the default settings, the sound is clear and detailed. The parts don’t sound harsh or hissy, even if they contain a lot of treble. Voices are clear, convincing and well contextualized compared to the rest of the mix.

The speaker system has a 4.2.2 configuration, capable of playing sound from all edges of the TV, not just the bottom. This allows Samsung to provide an OTS+ object sound tracking system that can place sound details with greater accuracy. Therefore, they seem to come from exactly the right area on the screen. The audio system also has a decent amount of bass.

The Samsung QN90B Neo-QLED with 4K resolution supports Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony Sound and Object Tracking Sound+. Object Tracking makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action thanks to the directional, realistic sound coming from the TV’s speakers.

The speakers in the QN90B are arguably the best of all TVs. Some users will find that they like them well enough to not need a sound bar or sound system to enhance the sound.

Q-Symphony Sound is Samsung’s technology for simultaneous TV and sound bar operation. It’s implemented in both models. This technology allows you to use a compatible Samsung sound bar in combination with your TV speakers.

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How much do QN90A and QN90B Samsung TVs cost?

As of now (May 2022), the Samsung QN90A 55′ TV costs $1,299.99.

The Samsung QN90B 55′ TV is priced at $1,899.99.

The price of these Samsung TV models depends on the screen diagonal. You can read more about the price on the manufacturer’s official website.

In some parameters the QN90B is really superior to the QN90A. However, not significantly at all. Perhaps you can see a more significant difference when you compare these models in an electronics store, because your eyes will definitely not let you down in this case.

Choosing the right TV is often quite time-consuming and not an easy process. However, when you finally buy the right model, for example, install Hulu on your new Samsung TV and enjoy the cool quality – it’s an incredible experience.


  1. @Mordock

    Of course the QN90A has 2.1 HDMI inputs, namely 1 x HDMI 2.1 and 3 x HDMI 2.0. I own the QN90A and can confirm it. The Samsung homepage also confirms the HDMI 2.1 input on the QN90A, otherwise it would not be suitable for gaming. How else are you supposed to exhaust the 120Hz that the IPS panel can display? Yes, I play my PC games at 120 FPS on the QN90A.

  2. According to Best Buy’s website, all 4 HDMI inputs are 2.1 on the QN90B and that the QN90A does not have any 2.1 inputs. This is the primary reason that I am looking at the B. Samsung’s website is ambiguous on the subject which is very annoying. With at least 2 HDMI 2.1 devices to connect, this is major concern for me. I can see a point in the near future when at least 3 will require 2.1. PC, Game, & Cable box/Entertainment center.

    • @Mordock

      Doch, der QN90A hat 2.1 HDMI-Eingänge und zwar 1 x HDMI 2.1 und 3 x HDMI 2.0. Ich besitze den QN90 und kann es bestätigen. Auch die Samsung Homepage bestätigt den HDMI 2.1 Eingang beim QN90A, sonst wäre er nicht spieletauglich. Wie sonst sonst soll man die 120Hz, die das IPS Panel darstellen kann, ausreizen? Ja, ich spiele meine PC Games mit 120 FPS auf dem QN90A


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