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TVsSamsung TVsSamsung QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B comparison

Samsung QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B comparison

Today there is quite a lot of competition among TV manufacturers. One of the most popular manufacturers on the market remains Samsung with its Samsung TV.

However, the situation is such that today there are hundreds of different TV models on the market, and many users can not decide which TV they need. Different models have different and sometimes unique features. In addition, the technical characteristics of your TV may differ depending on the region where it is sold.

In the case of Samsung TVs, they have a primer line, such as QN85B, QN90B, or QN95B. They are quite similar to each other and therefore many users often wonder what the differences are and which of these TVs will be the best option to buy?

What TV to choose between QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B

The line of QLED TVs Samsung Neo 2022 includes a model QN95B, but so far this model is only available in Europe. In the North American market, it is not yet known whether the QN95B model will be available. You should know that many TV models are only produced for Europe, for example, in Germany, the QN90B, QN92B, QN93B, QN94B, and QN95B series will be available in stores.

The differences between the models are in design, and technical characteristics, and it is also necessary to consider the regionality of TV models. There are TV models for Europe, both for the entire European Union and for individual countries, these TVs have some features. For example, they may be pre-installed some service that is popular in a particular country. In addition, some TV ports may be different, for example the European TV models have an RF In (Satellite Input) port, while the US models do not have one.

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Features of the Samsung Neo QLED 2022 series

You can see detailed technical specifications of the TV models at the end of the article. The 2022 series TVs have an updated version of the Tizen 6.5 software. Also in the TVs 2022 installed new Bluetooth modules that support the standard 5.2. This allows you to use modern audio devices that support this standard. The Neo QLED series is part of the premium TV lineup, and its main advantage is the displays. The displays are made using high-purity materials with very small dimensions. Thanks to the use of new materials, the TVs have a very high picture quality.

This TV series offers its users TVs with screens based on quantum dot technology. These are some of the most advanced TV screens on the market today. They give a highly detailed, high-quality picture with excellent color reproduction and very good dark and black colors.

In addition, the powerful Neo Quantum Processor 4K is responsible for the picture processing. It allows the image to be processed in real time and automatically rescaled to 4K resolution with minimal loss of quality. In addition, such stuffing will provide you with a fairly powerful system that will be able to run different programs and cope with various even complex tasks.

And this is all very well, but what exactly are the differences in the different models of the Samsung Neo line of TVs

QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B comparison and differences

QN85B – has more simplified 2.2.2 format acoustics, as well as limitations at the software level, for example, support for Office 365 and Google Duo is not declared.

QN90B – in addition to supporting the above services also has a better built-in 4.2.2 format speaker at the same power of 60 watts.

QN95B – since this model is designed for Europe, Samsung uses some parameters that do not apply in the US and Canada.

Samsung Neo QN95B / Samsung.com

An example is the PQI (Picture Quality Index). This index for this model is 4,700 units. But to be honest, you won’t find anywhere how this index is calculated. You should know that this index is just there and by it, Samsung ranks its TVs.

There is also a parameter HDR (High-Dynamic Range) it also has other values. But you should know that the quality of HDR depends on several factors, the processor, supported standards, and the quality of the display. In this case, these parameters are largely relative.

What really sets the QN95B apart is the improved sound, the 4.2.2 format with 70 watts of power. As well as support for the monitor frequency of 144 Hz. The TV can be turned into a good monitor. You should also be aware that the QN95B has a two-part system. This TV model has a One Connect box. The TV is a display, and the main board and all the ports are in a separate box to be placed next to the display.

Samsung Neo QN85B / Samsung.com

In general, we can say that QN90B and QN95B are similar, but designed for different regions.

Detailed technical specifications of QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B

 QN85B (2022)QN90B (2022)QN95B (2022) Europe
Screen Size55, 65, 75, 8550, 55, 65, 75, 8555, 65, 75, 85
StyleFlat PanelFlat PanelFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
screen bit10bit10bit10bit
type scrennQuantum Dot NeoQuantum Dot NeoQuantum Dot Neo
screen technologyVAVAVA
Backlightingmini LEDmini LEDmini LED
Dimming TechnologySupreme UHD DimmingUltimate UHD DimmingN/A
Stand Type (Color)Sand BlackSand BlackBRIGHT SILVER
Bezel Width4 Bezel-less4 Bezel-lessN/A
Motion Rate240240200
refresh rate120120100
Color100% Color Volume100% Color Volume100% Color Volume
ContrastQuantum Matrix TechnologyQuantum Matrix TechnologyQuantum Matrix Technology
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)Quantum HDR 24xQuantum HDR 32XQuantum HDR 2000
Picture EngineNeo Quantum Processor 4KNeo Quantum Processor 4KNeo Quantum Processor 4K
Sound Output60W60W70W
Speaker Type2.2.2 CH4.2.2 CH4.2.2 CH
Object Tracking SoundYesYesYes
Q-SymphonyYes only soundbarYes only soundbarYes only soundbar
Multiroom LinkYesYesYes
OSTizen 6.5Tizen 6.5Tizen 6.5
Wi-FiYes WiFi5Yes WiFi5Yes WiFi5
BluetoothYes (ver.5.2)Yes (ver.5.2)Yes (ver.5.2)
Smart Hub
Samsung HealthYesYesN/A
Film ModeYesYesYes
LED Clear MotionYesYesYes
Natural Mode SupportNoYesYes
Motion TechnologyMotion Xcelerator Turbo+Motion Xcelerator Turbo+Motion Xcelerator Turbo pro
360 Video PlayerYesYesYes
360 Camera SupportYesYesYes
Easy SetupYesYesNo
App CastingYesYesNo
Wireless TV On - Samsung WOWYesYesYes
Wired TV On - Samsung WOLYesYesYes
Digital Clean ViewNoYesYes
Ultra BlackNoNoNo
Closed CaptioningYesYesNo
Game ModeNoNoNo
Eco SensorYesYesYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYesYesYes
Google AssistantYesYesYes
SmartThings App SupportYesYesYes
Far-Field Voice InteractionYesYesYes
TV PlusYesYesYes
Web BrowserYesYesYes
FreeSyncYes FreeSync Premium ProYes FreeSync Premium ProYes FreeSync Premium Pro
Filmmaker ModeYesYesYes
IP ControlYesYesN/A
BT HID SupportYesYesYes
MBR SupportYesYesN/A
IPv6 SupportYesYesN/A
Tap ViewYesYesYes
Auto Game Mode (ALLM)YesYesYes
Wireless DexYesYesYes
Cloud ServiceNoOffice 365Office 365
Multi ViewYes 2 videosYes 2 videosYes 2 videos
Game Motion PlusYesYesYes
Dynamic Black EQYesYesYes
Super Ultra Wide Game ViewYesYesYes
Game barYesYesYes
Expert CalibrationYesYesYes
Auto Channel SearchYesYesYes
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)YesYesN/A
Channel GuideYesYesN/A
Ambient ModeYesYesYes
Auto Power OffYesYesYes
AI Technology???
Auto Motion PlusYesYesYes
Embedded POPNoYesN/A
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYesYes
V-ChipYes only USYes only USNo
TV to Mobile - MirroringYesYesYes
USB HID SupportYesYesYes
AI UpscaleYesYesYes
Easy PairingNoNoNo
IoT HubYesYesN/A
TV initiate mirroringNoYesN/A
Video CommunicationNoGoogle DuoGoogle Duo
Inputs & Outputs
HDMI4 (3 ver.2.0, 1 ver 2.1)4 (3 ver.2.0, 1 ver 2.1)4 (3 ver.2.0, 1 ver 2.1)
USB2 (2.0)2 (2.0)2 (2.0)
RF In (Terrestrial/CableYesYesYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes Europe, No USYes Europe, No USYes Europe, No US
Digital Audio Out (Optical)YesYesYes
Audio Return Channel SupportYesYesYes
One ConnectNoNoYes
Samsung OneRemoteYesYesYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC 3.0/ATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB EuropeATSC 3.0/ATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB Europe2x DVB-C/S2/T2 HD
Analog TunerYesYesYes
Remote controlTM2280ETM2280ETM2280 solar

What are the most significant differences between Samsung QN85B vs QN90B vs QN95B

And so if we are talking about notable differences, then among a large list of technical specifications you can notice several technical differences between these TV models. First of all it is worth paying attention to the fact that they have different versions of HDR, in all cases we are talking about a special version of HDR- Quantum HDR. This option will be available to you only if you have a screen on the technology of quantum dots.

In this case, in Samsung TV QN85B there is Quantum HDR 24x, in QN90B Quantum HDR 32X and in QN95B – Quantum HDR 2000.

Apart from the color difference there is a difference in sound equipment, so in TV QN85B and QN90B are equipped with 60W speakers, while QN95B has 70W speakers.

Also significant differences present in the software of these TVs, so support for Office 365 and Google Duo is present only in QN90B and QN95B, while QN85B can not use these services.

Samsung Neo QN90B / Samsung.com

Also some functions which are only available in US will only be available on QN85B and QN90B, at the same time QN95B is more for European market and so some functions are missing, like V-Chip.

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Will these TVs be suitable for gaming?

Among everything else, users often wonder if these TVs are suitable for gaming? With the development of the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles, more and more games are starting to have increased frame rates and expansion to 4K, so these days having a good 4K TV for your console. However, will the QN85B , QN90B and QN95B be suitable for this?

The fact is that all of these TVs do not have special game modes. However, the QN85B and QN90B have screens with 120 hertz refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming, as modern consoles can deliver up to 120 frames per second in performance mode. In addition QN95B has a refresh rate of 100 hertz, which will also be quite enough for a comfortable game.

However, the most important feature of these TVs is the support of FreeSync Premium Pro technology. This technology helps to stabilize frame rates on your screen. As a result, you can get a smoother picture with good response and minimal losses in quality.

Which TV is better to choose

The first thing you should look at is your location and your budget. If you want to get the best functionality and you are planning to use your TV in the US, then your choice should be QN90B, but if you are planning to move to Europe with it or you just buy it for example in Germany, it will be better to spend your money on the model QN95B.

However, if your goal is to save money and get the same high quality, except for some niche features, then you’d better pay attention to the QN85B. You can find the prices and more detailed technical descriptions directly on the official Samsung page.

First of all, when choosing a TV, you should answer yourself the question, and for what purpose do you need a TV and how much are you willing to spend? And using the information about its differences, you will be able to find the most acceptable option for you.



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