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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10 for gaming?

If you’re a fan of PC gaming and you use your Windows 10 PC primarily for this scenario, you may well have a logical question as to whether you should upgrade to Windows 11.

Which Windows is better for gaming

When ordinary users are invited to switch to a new operating system, it’s likely that many people expect and believe that there will be new useful features. In addition, some are concerned about their security, rightly believing that the new generation OS will succeed in this better than the previous operating system. Some people just like to update their software on any occasion, but gamers care about stability and better performance.

It has been said thousands of times that Windows 11 will bring all of the above and much more. Unfortunately, the new features have caused more controversy than they’ve brought real benefits. It’s even worse with security, as Microsoft has divided PCs into supported and unsupported. This means that older hardware will be in huge danger because there’s a risk that regular updates won’t be released at all.

The system is only offered for installation through the Windows Update Center on compatible PCs, but it can also be downloaded and installed on devices that don’t meet the minimum system requirements of Windows 11. Windows 11 is offered as a free upgrade for devices with a valid Windows 10 license.

The current version of Windows 11 has a decent amount of known issues, and some bugs haven’t yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft. All of these problems can affect the gaming experience on the device.

So, here’s about the difference between Windows 10 and 11 in gaming.

Is Windows 11 better for gaming

To know for sure and understand if you will get any real benefits when you upgrade to the new operating system from Microsoft, you will need to compare the unique features that are available in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Windows 11 is an updated version of Windows 10. It shares many features with Windows 10, but there are some distinct differences that may be of interest to gamers.

Microsoft introduced two new gaming features in Windows 11:

  • Auto HDR.
  • DirectStorage.

To use Auto HDR, you will need an HDR-compatible display. Auto HDR allows you to automatically enable HDR in games that don’t natively support HDR.

DirectStorage is a new API that Microsoft originally introduced for Xbox consoles. This API is designed to significantly speed up the loading of games and gaming resources. Without going into technical details, the acceleration is achieved by bypassing the processor during an operation. One of the requirements for using DirectStorage is a fast NVMe drive.

In addition, the games themselves must support the new API. Microsoft has announced that DirectStorage will also be available in Windows 10.

What does this mean for gamers

At the moment, PC gaming enthusiasts won’t notice any particular differences when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Even performance tests show that all differences are within the mathematical error.

DirectStorage, one of the new Windows 11 technologies, will also be available in Windows 10. It turns out that only the Auto HDR feature will remain exclusive. However, it will require an HDR-enabled monitor to use, and the results won’t be as visually appealing as with native HDR support.

It turns out that, at the moment, there are no particular differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 that would be of interest to gamers. Windows 10 will be supported until 2025, while Windows 11 will be maintained longer. Microsoft plans to release one major feature update for Windows 11 every year, and new features will appear in Windows 11, but not necessarily in Windows 10. New gaming features, if any are planned for development, will definitely appear in Windows 11.

PC games will work fine on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the coming years. There is a possibility that Microsoft will prepare new gaming features for Windows 11, but it’s not officially confirmed

Thus, gamers can take their time with the update. Microsoft is working on fixing problems with AMD devices that cause Windows 11 performance degradation. In addition, there are many other known issues with Windows 11, and it’s recommended to wait for the major ones to be fixed before upgrading any device to the new OS.



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