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StreamingChromecastHow to use Chromecast without Wi-Fi explained

How to use Chromecast without Wi-Fi explained

Google’s Chromecast hooks up to your TV through HDMI and uses Wi-Fi to connect and stream from most networked devices like smartphones and laptops, and it also uses pre-installed apps that require internet access. So, what can you do if you don’t have Wi-Fi? The answer is easy; you make Wi-Fi so that a device can connect to Chromecast and operate it online or mirror its display.

You can use Chromecast without dedicated Wi-Fi using one of the following options:

  • You may use Chromecast Guest Mode
  • You may use WLAN without internet (following pre-setup procedures) for mirroring a device
  • You may use mobile hot-spot as the router and a second device to connect to Chromecast
  • you may use a travel router for WLAN and your device to connect to Chromecast
  • You may use an active ethernet port (requires a special Chromecast power adapter)
  • You may use Connectify Hotspot on a laptop via active ethernet connection

There are plenty of sources that will help you to connect wirelessly to the Internet while traveling, including Hotel Wi-Fi, portable hot spots, smartphone hot spots, ethernet connections, and more. You can also create a WLAN to use later without an internet connection, although that restricts what Chromecast can do. Here are the details.

How to connect devices to Chromecast without Internet

Google recently has added Guest Mode which improved the conditions and allowed Chromecast to connect to any Google casting capable device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi internet. However, an internet source through a host (hotspot, router, or ethernet), is still demanded by the Chromecast.

So, you definitely may use Chromecast without Wi-Fi in Guest Mode. You should keep in mind that, you can use Chromecast on devices without Wi-Fi to mirror the device’s screen, however, you can’t use Chromecast’s full functionality without being connected to the internet from a host.

If you have not realized the functionality of Chromecast’s Guest Mode Wi-Fi beacon yet, it gives your Android tablet or smartphone’s 4G and 5G streaming apps an opportunity to work directly on your TV. Users with iOS 11.0+ are also able to use Guest Mode, but there are certain restrictions.

However, the information above about using the Chromecast without being connected to the Wi-Fi may sound a little bit confusing. In other words, you can connect a device to your Chromecast without using the internet, so that part is true. However, an internet connection is still required for Chromecast to offer Guest Mode. You can also mirror devices to Chromecast.

How to use Chromecast on Wi-Fi without Internet

Even with the previous information on casting, that’s not to say that you cannot mirror your tablet, phone, or laptop without Wi-Fi. Surely, Chromecast needs a host, but that doesn’t mean that the host should be connected to the Internet.

You simply set up the Chromecast at home with an internet connection using two devices, one will be used for the setup and another one for the WLAN. You should enable a hotspot on your smartphone, then, connect the second device (PC, tablet, etc.) to the phone’s hotspot, configure Chromecast using the second device, and then shut down it. The Chromecast is now configured to the phone’s hotspot (WLAN), whether it has an internet connection or not. 

When connecting the Chromecast to the pre-configured mobile hotspot while traveling, the TV will say it lost the internet. Ignore that notification and select the mirror option from the Home app found on your smartphone. You’ll then see your Android phone mirrored to the TV. In this scenario, casting on-demand streams and installed apps will not work, but mirroring will.

The process is quite simple if you know what to do.



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