As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How much are TikTok gifts worth

The thing is, TikTok monetization is quite messed up, as there’s a lack of information from official sources. No matter whether you’re a creator and want to understand how much you can earn or a TikTok viewer that wants to support your favorite creator, this article would be a ray of sunshine.

Let’s start with the simple question, “What are TikTok Gifts?”. Well, that’s gifts… They look like stickers; you can send them to reward creators you like.

Initially, gifts were available only on TikTok live streams (TikTok Live), but now you can send a gift both during the live streams and for pre-uploaded videos.

I’m sorry that this article will be pretty long, as I want to proceed with the main topic step-by-step. So let’s start with a little more info about gifts.

What are TikTok gifts?

As I said, you can send those rewards to other TikTok users and support them and their work. Currently, are 135 gifts available for TikTok Live and only 8 for pre-uploaded TikTok videos (the one you can watch in For you section).

They can be bought for TikTok coins, and there are cheap gifts, like Rose or Heart Me, that cost only 1 TikTok coin, but there are also costly ones, like Carriage (28,888 coins) or Griffin (25,999 coins).

So, you need TikTok coins to send gifts. You can buy them directly on TikTok live screen or on through your account settings (Settings and PrivacyBalanceRecharge). You can purchase bundles from 65 coins for $1,19 to 16,500 for $300.

The only requirement for you to send gifts is to be 18 or older (19 years old in South Korea).

When gifts are sent during TikTok Live stream, they are displayed on the screen for all viewers in some cool manner. For example, Cap would appear over the streamer’s head.

If you’re a TikTok creator that receives gifts, you will see your revenue in the Balance tab of your Settings (Go to profileSettings and PrivacyBalanceGift Revenue).

But if you want to receive gifts, you should meet some eligibility requirements, like being 18 or older, having at least 10,000 followers, and so on. I will also explain all criteria in another paragraph.

And here’s what you need to know from the ground: once you receive gifts, they’re transformed into diamonds. That’s the internal currency in TikTok. Once you reach the withdrawal amount, you can get your accumulated diamonds as your earnings.

TikTok gifts prices

First of all, here are 8 gifts you can send for pre-uploaded videos from the search, For You page or other users’ profiles:

  • Made My Day – 25 coins.
  • OMG – 25 coins.
  • Applause – 25 coins
  • Love – 25 coins
  • Cry Laugh – 25 coins
  • Bronze Gummy – 500 coins
  • Silver Gummy – 750 coins
  • Gold Gummy – 1000 coins

These gifts are unique and can’t be sent during TikTok Live streams. In TikTok Live, there is a gift called Applause, but it costs only 9 coins and has a different picture.

Here it is if you want to see the whole list of TikTok gifts with prices. But keep in mind that TikTok is constantly changing the gifts available, introducing some new and taking away some old ones, so the list may be outdated in some moments. We will try to keep it up-to-date, but sometimes I think there would be a situation when some gifts listed below are no longer available.

GiftPrice, coinsGiftPrice, coins
TikTok1Love Chat400
Weights1Ballet Dancer500
Football1Money Gun500
Tennis1Cooper Skates Home599
Heart Me1Dance Together699
GG1LOVE Balloon699
Mini Speaker1Pearl800
Chocolate1Travel with You999
Ice Cream Cone1Gold Mine1,000
Cornflower5Email Message1,000
Mic5Watermelon Love1,000
Cotton’s Shell5Space1,000
Finger Heart5Galaxy1,000
Panda5Mirror Bloom1,000
Lollipop7Silver Sports Car1,000
Waving Hand7Fireworks1,088
Applause9Gaming Chair1,200
Stars Snap10Bumper Cars1,288
Lollipop 210Chasing the Dream1,500
Nevalyashka doll25Speedboat1,888
Plus One25Mystery Firework1,999
Doughnut30Make-up Box1,999
Coffee30Cooper Flies Home1,999
For you99Whale diving2,150
Hat and Mustache99Meteor Shower3,000
Paper Crane99Ferris Wheel3,000
Little Crown99Cooper Swims Home3,999
Tsar100Sakura Train3,999
Mishka Bear100Flower Overflow4,000
Hand Heart100Restaurants4,000
Balalaika100Leon the Kitten4,888
Hand Heart100Private Jet4,888
Confetti100Pool Party4,999
Umbrella150Dancing Adam5,000
Music Note169Wolf5,000
Butterfly169Unicorn Fantasy5,000
Hearts199Cooper’s Home5,999
Sunglasses199Valley Festival5,999
Lock and Key199Sports Car7,000
Panther Paws199Yacht9,888
Love You199Interstellar10,000
Garland Headpiece199Sunset Speedway10,000
Flower Festival199TikTok Shuttle20,000
Love Focus199Phoenix25,999
Corgi299Adam’s Dream25,999
Dancing Cactus299Griffin25,999
Duck299Dragon Flame26,999
Boxing Gloves299Carriage28,888
Rock ‘n’ Roll299Lion29,999
Air Dancer300Sam the Whale30,000
Birthday Cake300Leon and Lion34,000
Cotton the Seal399Seal and Whale34,500
Swing399TikTok Universe34,999
Sweet dreams399Gift BoxCustomize
Necklace400Treasure BoxInteraction

The gift price sorts the table above. As you may see, the are cheap gifts for 1 or 5-10 coins, and there are costly gifts for 20,000+ TikTok coins.

Here’s the distribution chart for all TikTok gift prices:

Each bar represents one gift, and the vertical axis represents gift prices. As you can see, there is a lot of gifts that cost less than 1000 coins. However, there are not so many in the range between 10,000 and 20,000.

I haven’t included Gift Box and Treasure Box, as that’s unique gifts that are unlike others. You can read about them below.

What is Gift Box?

The Gift Box is a feature that allows you to send up to 3 gifts with special effects. When you send Gift Box, your username will also be displayed, and gifts effects will play one after another.

You can place gifts with the price of 1000+ coins into the Gift Box.

There are two types of Gift Box:

  • Standard Gift Box costs 1,999 coins and can contain up to 2 gifts at once.
  • Premium Gift Box costs 3,999 coins and can contain up to 3 gifts at once.

What is Treasure Box?

The Treasure Box is the cool feature, really. And it’s not about sending a gift to the creator.

It works differently: you place some of your coins inside this Treasure Box and then randomly distribute them among other viewers watching the same TikTok live.

There are 3 standard combinations of Treasure Box:

  • 20 coins; 16 random people will receive coins
  • 100 coins; 25 lucky people will receive coins
  • 1000 coins; 100 lucky people will receive coins

You can also create a custom Treasure Box and choose the manual amount of coins and the number of potential grabbers. For each custom Treasure Box, you can shoot up to 10,000 coins with up to 200 potential lucky ones. The only rule is that the number of coins should be higher than the number of grabbers.

Also, you can use a maximum of 100,000 coins per day. All coins viewers don’t collect will return to your account within 24 hours. That may happen, for example, if the host ends live before all coins are grabbed.

And a little about the Treasure Box event:

  • It lasts 10 minutes.
  • Until then, viewers can tap on a Treasure Box and get coins. The first people to tap on it will receive coins after the countdown.
  • People that received money from Treasure Box would be displayed in the Lucky User list.

What is TikTok Coins Price?

You can buy TikTok coins in 7 bundle types, from 65 to 16,500.

Here’s the table of bundles available. The third column shows the price for 1 coin in this bundle.

Number of coinsPrice, $Price per 1 coin, $

As you may see, the difference between each bundle in terms of 1 coin cost isn’t significant, but the best bundle is one with 1,321 coins.

So, the average price of one TikTok coin is $0.0182.

If you want to calculate the price of the manual coins, you can use the calculator below. Just enter the number of coins into the field and click Calculate.

What are TikTok Coins prices in the UK?

Here’s the table with prices in UK pounds.

Number of coins Price, £Price per 1 coin, £

In the paragraph above, there’s a calculator, and you can choose the currency to calculate the manual coins amount cost in GBP.

What are TikTok gift prices in dollars?

Just a short paragraph is one big table. It’s the same as the table above, but the prices for all TikTok gifts are calculated in dollars.

GiftPrice, $GiftPrice, $
TikTok$ 0.02Love Chat$7.28
Chocolate$ 0.02Coral$9.08
Weights$ 0.02Ballet Dancer$9.10
Football$ 0.02Money Gun$9.10
Tennis$ 0.02Cooper Skates Home$10.90
Rose$ 0.02Swan$12.72
Heart Me$ 0.02Dance Together$12.72
GG$ 0.02LOVE Balloon$12.72
Mini Speaker$ 0.02Pearl$14.56
Fire$ 0.02Train$16.36
Chocolate$ 0.02Travel with You$18.18
Ice Cream Cone$ 0.02Gold Mine$18.20
Cornflower$ 0.09Email Message$18.20
Mic$ 0.09Watermelon Love$18.20
Cotton’s Shell$ 0.09Space$18.20
Finger Heart$ 0.09Galaxy$18.20
Panda$ 0.09Mirror Bloom$18.20
Lollipop$ 0.13Silver Sports Car$18.20
Waving Hand$ 0.13Fireworks$19.80
Lolipop$ 0.13Diamond$20.00
Applause$ 0.16Gaming Chair$21.84
Stars Snap$ 0.18Bumper Cars$23.44
Lollipop 2$ 0.18Chasing the Dream$27.30
Gamepad$ 0.18Garland$27.30
Perfume$ 0.36Champion$27.30
Nevalyashka doll$ 0.46Speedboat$34.36
Plus One$ 0.46Mystery Firework$36.38
Doughnut$ 0.55Make-up Box$36.38
Mirror$ 0.55Rabbit$36.38
Coffee$ 0.55Cooper Flies Home$36.38
For you$ 1.80Whale diving$39.13
Cap$ 1.80Motorcycle$54.38
Hat and Mustache$ 1.80Meteor Shower$54.60
Paper Crane$ 1.80Ferris Wheel$54.60
Little Crown$ 1.80Cooper Swims Home$72.78
Tsar$ 1.82Sakura Train$72.78
Mishka Bear$ 1.82Flower Overflow$72.80
Hand Heart$ 1.82Restaurants$72.80
Balalaika$ 1.82Leon the Kitten$88.96
Hand Heart$ 1.82Private Jet$88.96
Confetti$ 1.82Pool Party$90.98
Umbrella$ 2.73Dancing Adam$91.00
Music Note$ 3.08Wolf$91.00
Butterfly$ 3.08Unicorn Fantasy$91.00
Hearts$ 3.62Cooper’s Home$109.18
Sunglasses$ 3.62Valley Festival$109.18
Lock and Key$ 3.62Sports Car$127.40
Panther Paws$ 3.62Yacht$179.96
Love You$ 3.62Interstellar$182.00
Garland Headpiece$ 3.62Sunset Speedway$182.00
Goggles$ 3.62Planet$273.00
Flower Festival$ 3.62TikTok Shuttle$364.00
Love Focus$ 3.62Phoenix$473.18
Corgi$ 5.44Adam’s Dream$473.18
Dancing Cactus$ 5.44Griffin$473.18
Duck$ 5.44Dragon Flame$491.38
Boxing Gloves$ 5.44Carriage$525.76
Rock ‘n’ Roll$ 5.44Lion$545.98
Air Dancer$ 5.46Sam the Whale$546.00
Birthday Cake$ 5.46Leon and Lion$618.80
Cotton the Seal$ 7.26Seal and Whale$627.90
Swing$ 7.26TikTok Universe$636.98
Sweet dreams$ 7.26Gift BoxCustomize
Necklace$ 7.28Treasure BoxInteraction

How to send TikTok Gifts

  • If you want to send a gift during TikTok Live, you need to be watching the stream and tap on the gift icon in the bottom left of the screen (next to send a message field). Here you need to choose a gift and tap send. It’s pretty straightforward.
  • If you want to send a gift to a pre-uploaded video, you need to open it, tap on the comment icon, and then tap on the gift icon at the right-bottom of the screen.

What are the eligibility requirements to receive TikTok Gifts

If you’re a creator and you want to receive gifts, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Be 18+ years old.
  • Be in a location where gifts are available
  • Have at least 10,000 followers on your account.
  • Post at least one video in the past month.
  • Comply with TikTok’s community guidelines (your account shouldn’t be suspended or banned).

You can receive TikTok gifts if you meet such requirements as a creator.

How to apply for TikTok Gifts

Even if you meet the above requirements, you must apply for TikTok Gifts first. To do this:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap the menu on the top-right corner (hamburger icon).
  • Go to Creator Tools and then to Video Gifts.
  • Tap on Apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the article was published back in 2021, there have been a lot of questions we’ve aggregated about TikTok Gifts prices. Here are the answers for the most common ones:

  • How much is a Rose on TikTok?: The Rose is one of the most common and the cheapest gifts. It costs 1 coin or $0.02. However, remember that the minimum amount of TikTok coins you can buy is 65.
  • How much is TikTok Universe worth?: TikTok Universe is the most expensive gift in TikTok; it is worth 34,999 coins or $637.
  • How much is the Lion worth on TikTok?: Lion is also one of the most expensive gifts on TikTok. It costs 29,999 coins or $546.
  • How much does TikTok take from gifts?: TikTok usually takes 50% commission. So if you receive a $100 gift, you will get $50 as your earnings.
  • How much is Galaxy worth on TikTok?: Galaxy costs 1,000 coins or $18.2.
  • How much is 300 Roses on TikTok?: Taking into account that one Rose costs 1 coin or $0.02, 300 Roses would cost you 300 coins or $6.
  • What is the most expensive TikTok gift?: That’s Universe; it costs 34,999 coins or $637.
  • How much is 100 Roses on TikTok?: 100 Roses will cost you 100 coins or $2.
  • Does it worth the money to send gifts on TikTok?: Unless you collect coins during the Treasury Box event, you must buy coins first to send gifts.
  • How much is 1 million coins on TikTok?: Let’s calculate, taking into account that one TikTok coin costs $0.0182 on average; 1 million coins would cost you $18,200.
  • How much is 35,000 coins on TikTok?: You can use the calculator above to calculate any amount of coins to US dollars. But the quick answer is that 35,000 coins cost $637.
  • How much is 1,000 Roses on TikTok?: As 1 Rose costs 1 coin, 1,000 Roses would cost you 1,000 coins or around $20.
  • How many Roses can you buy for $1,000?: If you want to spend $1,000 on Roses, you can afford 50,000 Roses.
  • How much is a Planet worth on TikTok?: Planet costs 15,000 coins or $273.
  • How many Roses can you buy for $100?: Considering that one Rose costs 1 coin or $0.02, you can afford 5,000 Roses for $100.
  • How much is 30,000 coins on TikTok?: 30,000 coins would cost you $546.
  • How much is a Train worth on TikTok?: Train costs 899 coins or $16.

Are TikTok gifts worth real money?

The rise of TikTok as a social media platform has captivated millions, and one feature that often gets attention is the gifting mechanism. This option lets viewers send virtual gifts to content creators during live streams. But is this exchange purely symbolic, or do these virtual gifts have real monetary value? The simple answer is yes, they do.

To break it down, here’s how it works: Users purchase TikTok coins with real money from the in-app store. These coins are then used to purchase various virtual gifts. These gifts can vary in value, with some costing just a few coins and others costing much more. Once a user sends a gift to a content creator, the gift is converted into “diamonds” that the creator can collect. When a creator decides to “cash out,” those diamonds can be converted into real money. But remember that TikTok takes a cut as a commission during this conversion process.

Why is this exchange necessary? Well, for one, it has financial implications for content creators. It becomes a revenue stream that can sometimes prove lucrative, especially for popular TikTokers who get a lot of engagement and, therefore, get a lot of gifts. For viewers, it’s a way to support and connect with creators they value, even if it means parting with real money to purchase virtual gifts.

The gifting mechanism isn’t without its critics, though. Some argue that it encourages a form of digital busking, where creators perform for tips rather than engaging authentically with their audience. Additionally, because TikTok takes a cut of the revenue, not all of the money viewers spend directly to the creators raising questions about fairness and value for money.

But at the end of the day, the transaction is simple: real money is being spent, and real money can be earned. While the value of a virtual gift may be subjective and dependent on individual perspectives, its ability to be converted into real money means that technically speaking, it has tangible value.

So, if you’re a TikTok user considering whether or not to send your favorite creator that virtual panda or disco ball, remember: it’s more than just a digital token of appreciation. It’s a financial gesture that can contribute to someone’s income. And for the content creators on the receiving end, these gifts can add up to a significant revenue stream, making all those hours of planning, filming, and editing more rewarding.

How to convert TikTok Gifts to money

To withdraw money, go to your profile, tap the hamburger icon on the top right corner, then go to Settings and privacy. Here you need to tap on Balance and tap on LIVE rewards. If you have a withdrawable amount, you can tap on Withdraw button.


  1. Like usual with a China based company, they push the limits with greed. A lot of people share an account to get paid directly and avoid saying the info out loud in fear of Tiktok banning their account or shadow banning them.


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