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PhonesHow to turn off Samsung Pay swipe up

How to turn off Samsung Pay swipe up

If you are more into paying with electronic money, Samsung Pay is a great replacement for Google Pay, built into the Samsung smartphones. The program uses MST technology and with the help of this application, you can easily pay via terminals. In addition, the application is very easy to find – you just need to swipe from your desktop or lock screen and you will be redirected to the application interface, where you can select the card which you use, authenticate and pay.

Everything is very simple and without frills is what many users are looking for. But there is one nuance, the thing is that Samsung phones have the ability to open the navigation bar in a very similar way. And when you want to use the latter, then expect that there will be cases when you will accidentally open the interface Samsung Pay, instead of the navigation bar.

And this is what often annoys people because the navigation panel is used much more often than the Samsung Pay. Not to mention the fact that many people can use the standard Google Play instead of the built-in Samsung alternative.

And although it is inconvenient, for those who use Samsung Pay, this option is pretty nice, because it allows you to pay and see the transactions made recently on the go. In this article, you can learn how to remove Samsung Pay swipe-up gestures on Samsung Galaxy phones and continue using navigation gestures as intended.

How to disable Samsung Pay swipe up

In order to disable the Samsung Pay menu entry function via the desktop or lock screen and still be able to use this application, you can use this guide:

  • Swipe up from the bottom or use the App menu to open the Samsung Pay app
  • Tap on the More (hamburger) menu at the upper left corner and select Settings
  • Select Quick access under the Payment menu
  • Disable toggle Samsung Pay access from the Lock screen, Home screen and Screen off

Now you don’t have to worry about accidental activation of the Samsung Pay menu. However, you will not be able to quickly unroll it when you need it. Therefore, in order not to search for it among other applications in the menu, you should place the application icon on the desktop.

How to change navigation bar

If you do not want to remove the fast access to Samsung Pay, then there is good news for you – Samsung provides an opportunity to change the way of navigation. Use this instruction:

  • Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Go to the Display menu
  • Tap on the Navigation bar
  • Select Buttons under the Navigation type
  • Now you can avoid confusion between these functions and use them both conveniently.

How to remove Samsung Pay from your Galaxy phone

Sometimes Samsung Pay is not needed at all as an application on your phone. So you can use this guide to uninstall the app completely:

  • Find the Samsung Pay app in the App menu
  • Press and hold the app icon and select Uninstall from the pop-up menu
  • Confirm your decision and you are good to go

But if you change your mind over time and you need this app, you can simply go to the Galaxy Store and type Samsung Pay in the search. Just install the app back and you are ready to go.



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