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GamingHow to track Nintendo Switch explained

How to track Nintendo Switch explained

The Nintendo Switch offers its users a convenient way to play games anywhere, anytime. The portable console is in great demand among gamers because of its unique feature of being compact, convenient, and most importantly – giving players mobility. There is no need for somewhere to store a huge device in one place in the house and go on vacation bored with video games.

This kind of portability is a Nintendo Switch thing. But there are disadvantages, as with every device. Because of its mobility, it’s very easy to lose it anywhere. Or it can be stolen, as the chances increase when you’re in a public place playing in front of everyone.

So how do you find out where your Nintendo Svich has gone? In this article, you will learn how to find a lost Switch as well as how to deactivate a lost Switch and how to know your Switch is stolen.

How to track a Nintendo Switch

The first thing you should do is to contact Nintendo’s customer support with the serial number of your stolen console. They can see when the thief last went online and use the IP address where the console is. You should give the console’s serial number, IP address, and as many details as possible over to the police.

Knowing the serial number of your Nintendo Switch is crucial if you want to find it. The serial number can be found next to the USB-C port at the bottom of your Switch as well as over at the System Settings in the Settings menu of the console itself.

In case your console has been stolen and you still have the box lying around, then at the bottom of it, you can also find the serial number of your Nintendo Switch model.

Sometimes people get rid of the box, but in case you bought your console from a retailer, then you should head over to the store you bought your console at and they should have the serial number of it.

After you found out the serial number, then you should contact Nintendo’s customer support, tell them your serial number, and they should be able to check when is the last time the console has connected to the internet. They can even see the IP address as well as the city it is in if your console was stolen.

Once you have been given all this information you then need to head over to the police and file in a report, giving them the new info you acquired. Do not forget also to provide all the details you knew already – what the console looks like, when and where did it got stolen, what else has been stolen with it, what games did you have on it and so on – the more details, the better.

In case your credit card is connected to your Nintendo account, then you better unlink it as soon as possible to avoid the thief from using it to purchase games. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your account over at accounts.nintendo.com
  • Click on Shop Menu
  • Find your credit card and click on Delete

If you want to understand and figure out for yourself where you lost or had your console stolen, then unfortunately you do not have many options. However, there is a solution called a Tile mate that you can purchase from Amazon for around $20. This mini device can be attached to your Switch which connects with a mobile app informing you of where your Switch is using Bluetooth tracking so it’s limited to close proximity but can be useful if you think it’s lost when the Switch is still close by.

How to deactivate a lost Nintendo Switch

If you need to deactivate the Nintendo Switch, remember that you only have one try if you do it from the web page. In case you have the console in hand, you have an unlimited number of attempts.

  • Go to accounts.nintendo.com and log in to your account
  • Open Shop Menu
  • Click on Deregister Primary Console
  • Enter your password and click OK
  • Confirm deactivation by pressing Deregister

This way you can track and return your console. Be careful in public places and keep an eye on your belongings.



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