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GuidesHow to take screenshot in Hulu app on PC

How to take screenshot in Hulu app on PC

Hulu TV is considered one of the most popular streaming services on a par with Netflix, etc. Hulu TV offers its viewers a wide selection of content from channels like ABC, Fox, and NBC once they’re available on national TV. Hulu also makes its own content available for viewing as well. For around $6 a month, you can enjoy their service with a few ads that appear while watching your favorite shows on the platform. 

Is it possible to take screenshot on Hulu while on PC

In case you’re using Hulu App on PC then you can use Snipping Tool to take a screenshot. Another Method is to disable hardware acceleration. You can look at these steps to check if the graphics card supports hardware acceleration or not and to enable or disable it.

  • On the desktop, press Windows key + X and select Control Panel
  • In Large Icons View, click on Display and in the left pane, click on Change Display Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • In the Advanced Settings window, if Troubleshooting tab is present, then the graphics card supports hardware acceleration
  • Click on the Troubleshooting tab and move the Hardware Acceleration slider to Nil.
  • Click on OK and restart the computer to save the settings

So you can take screenshots using Hulu on your PC.

How to avoid black screen issue on Hulu

Also, while you’re taking a screenshot, you may have a black screen problem. When you encounter ads on Hulu, it can get a little annoying too, especially since you’re paying for service. Indeed, the black screen problem can kill the mood to watch the show. The thing is, often when ads can’t load, you get that black screen. However, it can also be related to your network connection, corrupted app files, or third-party apps.

But in any case, there are several ways to get rid of the problem.

  • Check Hulu Servers. Since Hulu is a streaming platform, it runs on servers and there is a possibility that the problem lies in the poor performance of the servers. To check Hulu’s servers, you can use third-party sites like Downdetector, where you can view the current situation of the app and the issues it encountered. So if the servers are down, you won’t be able to manage the issue by yourself but wait for their team to resolve the problem
  • Check If You Have the ‘No Ads’ Plan. If you have a plan that gets rid of advertising, that’s also a problem on Hulu’s side. Since you don’t have a plan to display ads, Hulu simply replaces them with a blank black screen. This is very inconvenient, especially if you pay extra for not having an option with it. In this case, you need to notify support about the problem
  • Update Hulu. Updates are a vital part of every app to keep it running smoothly on the devices it supports. However, if you haven’t updated the Hulu app on your device, it’s the perfect time to do so. On Android devices, you can update Hulu by doing the following: 
    • First, open the Google Play Store on your device and open the side menu by tapping the Menu button on the search bar
    • Now, tap on My Apps & Games to view the list of apps with pending updates 
    • Lastly, locate Hulu from the list and tap the Update button beside it

Is there any other ways to take screenshots on PC

You can also use the Video Screenshot extension on your PC, which will help you take a screenshot on Hulu. This app works only on Chrome and helps you take screenshots in good resolution and, most importantly, without interface shortcuts and viewing panels. So it’s a good option if you want to capture your favorite moments from the show on YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, and videos on most other websites.

What are other apps for taking screenshots

If you often use screenshots to demonstrate various projects and ideas, then the best for annotations and editing is PicPick.  PicPick provides a modern Windows interface complete with a ribbon bar. If you take multiple screenshots, PicPick shows them all in its editor using tabs.

While PicPick has a slick interface, what really sets it apart from other apps is its editing interface. You can use PicPick to resize and crop screenshots, apply effects, insert text, and even add stamps like numbers and arrows to annotate your screenshots before sharing them. You can then upload directly to services like Facebook, Twitter, or an FTP server directly from PicPick’s Share tab.



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