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AppleHow to take a screenshot in Minecraft

How to take a screenshot in Minecraft

Often when playing your favorite computer games you may want to take a screenshot to document your progress or an interesting situation. This is especially true of Minecraft.

How to take a screenshot of your screen while playing Minecraft

Minecraft is a unique project, which is a complete sandbox that gives you complete freedom of action. In front of you will be an endlessly generated world full of different mysteries and dangers. You are free to do whatever you want. You can go in any direction and do whatever you want.

This is what attracts a lot of players. Everyone wants new adventures and freedom for creativity. Because you can do anything you want in Minecraft, regardless of the physics. You can build the most unusual house, or a large sculpture.

What to say about the fact that you can build and invent an incredibly complex mechanism using Redstone. Many of your achievements in the game can be a source of pride among your friends in the game.

In this case you should note your achievements with a screenshot that you can show your friends or post in the appropriate forum. For this you should know how to make screenshots on different devices in Minecraft.

On what platforms is Minecraft available

Minecraft is a truly cross-platform game. Not only is it available on almost any modern device, but the game also features crossplay. This means that, for example, the player on the PC can play together with the player on the phone on the same server.

This is incredibly convenient if you and your friends have different game systems. At the moment, Minecraft is supported on these devices:

  • PC
  • Xbox consoles
  • PlayStation consoles
  • Nintendo Switch consoles
  • Smartphones and tablets on iOS and iPadOS
  • Tablets or Smartphones running Android
  • Windows based PCs
  • Mac running MacOS
  • Chromebooks

Taking screenshots on any of these devices is pretty easy. The following will describe how to take a screenshot on any of the above devices.

How to take a screenshot on computers

Taking screenshots on your computer is quite easy. Any system has built-in functions to take screenshots. You will literally need a few seconds to do this.


Taking a screenshot on the Windows is pretty easy. You just have to press the PrtScn key on the upper-right side of your keyboard.

Then the screenshot is saved in Clipboard. Then you can use CTRL+V to paste the image into any messenger or various programs such as Microsoft Word or Paint.

You can also press the combination Windows key + PrtScn. This will save the screenshot automatically to the Pictures > Screenshots folder.


On Mac computers, taking a screenshot is quite easy. All you have to do is press Command + Shift + 3. This will take a screenshot of the entire screen and the image will be saved to your desktop.


To take a screenshot on Chromebooks you need to press the key combination Ctrl and Show all open windows. This is the button which is located at the top of the keyboard, which looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines on the side.

This will save the screenshot in the Files application

How to take screenshots on consoles

Since Minecraft is also available on all current consoles, you can take screenshots using your consoles as well. It’s pretty easy to do.


To take a screenshot on PlayStation consoles, just press and hold down the Shair button and the triangle button. This will save the screenshot to your library.

If you are using PS Vita, you will need to press the Start button and the PS button at the same time.


For a screenshot on the Xbox you just need to double click on the Xbox button and then the Y button.


All the controllers for the Nintendo Switch have a button that looks like a little square with a circle inside. To take a screenshot you just need to press this button.

How to take a screenshot on mobile devices

Also a full version of Minecraft is available on almost all mobile devices, whether it’s tablets and smartphones on Android and Apple products.

Apple Devices

If you have an old iPhone or iPad with a home button, you need to press it and the lock button at the same time.

If you have a device without a physical button then you need to press the volume down button and the lock button.

Android devices

You just need to press the volume down button and then the lock button to take screenshots.

All those screenshots will be saved in the default GALDERAY app on your phone or tablet. It will be pretty easy to do and will take you a few seconds regardless of your device and system.



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