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How to reset a Chromecast

Chromecast is a digital media player for audio or video playback. The device can use both local networks and wide area networks. Google Chromecast connects to your receiver via a standard HDMI port and the connection to the Internet or LAN is established remotely, via Wi-Fi.

Since UHD and 4K TVs appeared, network media players became popular. Their main difference from analog devices is high detail and excellent picture quality. Google Chromecast is one of these devices.

Back in 2013, the first generation of the network media player was released. The latest Chromecast with Google TV appeared in September 2020. Though it differs from its predecessors by having an interactive interface and remote control.

However, what to do if you suddenly have a malfunction in the media player or for example, you began to often appear interference, etc.? Anyway, you should always try to reset your device to its default settings. Here you’ll find out which generation of Chromecast you have and how to reset it correctly in two ways.

What about Chromecast versions

Before you can reset your device, you need to figure out which generation you have. Officially, network media players are divided into three generations:

  • Google Chromecast 2013 comes from the first generation. The device resembles an ordinary flash drive
  • In 2018 was released Chromecast 3. Its design is more minimalistic than its precursor. The case is made of matte plastic, and instead of bright colors, the manufacturers settled on white, black and gray
  • Google Chromecast Ultra took the middle ground between the second and third generation. The performance of the device is slightly higher than its predecessor. As for design of the media player, it has changed slightly. Basically, it’s made of black glossy plastic and a small letter G is located at the bottom of the case

How to reset Chromecast via factory data reset

To return the device to the factory settings and get your Chromecast as if it had just come from the store, follow the instructions:

  • Press and hold down the reset button on your Chromecast. You’ll see the reset button on the side of the device. In order to reset it, just hold down the reset button until the LED light stops blinking orange/red and turns white
  • Next, disconnect the USB power cable. Then wait for a few seconds.
  • Finally, reconnect the USB power cable to your Chromecast. This will factory reset your device

Note: For the 1st generation Chromecast, you have to hold the dongle for about 25 seconds before the white light appears.

How to Reset Chromecast from Google Home App

You can reset your Chromecast without even touching it. By simply using the app via Android or iOS, you can easily restart your device in a new mode. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. By utilizing Google Home app you’re able to control your Chromecast device remotely
  • Then tap on your Chromecast device. There will be all your Google Home devices at the bottom of your home screen
  • Next, tap Settings. This will have a gear icon
  • Scroll down and select Factory reset
  • Tap OK. A small window will appear, asking if you’re sure you want to reset your device. Once you’re sure, tap OK

Note: Don’t forget that when you reset your Chromecast, you also get rid of your settings, customizations, and all information in general. If you’re really sure that you need to reset your device to the factory settings, use the above methods.

Now you know more about your Chromecast media player and can manage the device in any case.



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