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GuidesHow to make Android phones vibrate stronger

How to make Android phones vibrate stronger

When using a smartphone people often don’t think about how clearly designed the system of notification of messages and applications is. Users receive all calls, messages, and signals from various applications directly through this feature. Without it, it would be difficult to determine when they call and text, or what time they need to wake up.

Therefore, the level of vibration is very important for the comfortable and effective use of a smartphone or an application. This article will help you to understand how to increase the vibration on your smartphone.

How to make Android phone vibrate louder via Settings

The first option you should try is to increase the vibration through the device Settings. To do this you must enter the “Settings” section of your device, and once there, you must choose the “Sound and vibrations” section to make some changes to these features on your Android mobile device. Once you’re there, select the option “Vibration intensity” and then set the intensity you feel comfortable with

This way you can now have the desired vibration intensity and hear all the important alerts without any third-party applications.

Although there are cases when some Android phone models don’t support manual vibration customization, you have to make your Android phone vibrate harder by installing an application on your device that performs this function.

How to increase the vibration of your Android phone in other ways

As mentioned above, a normal vibrating signal improves the audibility of incoming calls, alerts, and notifications. This is especially useful if you’re in places where noise isn’t allowed, such as theaters, temples, or museums.

Hence, proper vibration can make a difference in this regard. Although, many times mobile devices are integrated with very low vibration, and therefore there is a need to make the phone vibrate louder.

Fortunately, if you own Android, you’re lucky, because no matter what version of the system you have, you’re able to have unlimited access to a variety of alternative applications that can help you to increase the intensity of the vibration.

How to make your Android phone vibrate louder via Apps

Android is famous for the fact that it can be customized and calibrated the way its owner wants it to be. There are many different applications available online and in the official stores to make your life easier. This also applies to vibration. If your phone doesn’t have a vibration calibration backup, certain applications can help you to do this.

One of the best options of this type is Contact Vibrate. This app allows you to set your device’s vibration mobile according to your tastes. Furthermore, you’re able to choose the duration of this vibration while you’re receiving calls or messages on your Android device.

The same feature offers the application Good Vibrations – Custom vibration is one of the best options in the app market when it comes to calibrating your Android device’s vibration. You don’t even have to buy it as it’s totally free. 

And that is all on how to make your Android phone vibrate harder and be able to hear every notification.



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